From the Top website ranking smell a good marketing opportunity

if the ad agency can provide a website "killer" list, then it also means that these sites have a good digital advertising opportunities.

last week, Time magazine released its list of the top 50 best sites in 2010. These sites include a variety of industry websites and vertical sites, ranging from music, video, family and children to sports, finance, shopping and other categories. In the review of this kind of list, you will occasionally found, some of which you are not familiar with, but consumers often visit the site, believe that will make you very interested in, especially in the digital marketing perspective.

in fact, this year’s list of the best sites does contain some of the best competitors. As marketing partners, they can provide adequate services. Some sites may already be in your mind; and some sites may not provide third party advertising. However, in any case, they all have one thing in common, that is very unique in their similar sites, and can attract millions of active Internet users.

next, the author will introduce some of the best sites, pointing out that they are special, and that they can get the best website title reasons.

sports website Citizen Sports

sports lovers like to talk. They will talk about their favorite team or athlete of all kinds of news or gossip, and in the big game for its cheers. What are some of the better ways to promote this communication than social media, so that the fans can communicate with other fans online?

this is precisely the function of the sports website Citizen Sports. The site was acquired by YAHOO earlier this year, offers a variety of services, including online fantasy league and games, Facebook and mobile applications, the score, and associated with the nature of the guess each sports quiz. Through these social and mobile products, Citizen will consumers interested in Sports and sports activities together; the user can carry out all activities on this platform, including the Facebook chat with friends, through the iPhone application prediction event, share ideas with friends. For advertisers, sports fans is an ideal target group, due to the increase of a series of interactive content products, Citizen Sports become an important site to cover these people.

advertisers can also sponsor applications or customize applications based on their needs. At Burger King (Burger King) a propaganda, the brand sponsorship of a major league baseball fantasy game "Beat the Streak", the results to be highly integrated advertising effect. Some Burger King brand elements such as "Burger King" the sign with the whole game. As a result, the addition of the


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