Peng Yucheng talk about the realization of the site’s 3 main points of profit

How to make the

website profit is what I heard the most problems in recent months, most of the so-called experts believe that in the network marketing industry also take this kind of problem to pull the skull. But I’m from their website operation process and usually ask some master experience summed up the 3 points of the website profit, but the 3 points which I now is the practice and exploration, not after the actual verification. Wrong place please webmaster friends in Peng Yucheng nest suggestions and opinions.

first: choose a good product

products can be physical, virtual, or service. With the physical product as an example, several factors need to be clear to choose good products: a series of problems of product price, product quality, profit space, brand influence, the reliability of the supplier and sales support, customer service and other services. In fact, every industry must have several leading products, as most of the individual owners want to make money, especially every time is plenty of people, if you are unable to produce the best products you selected industries (most people do not, so choose a) to sell is also a good choice in these leading products. With a good product, basically jump again can make money.

second: strive for effective traffic

effective traffic also refers to the target traffic, to get the target traffic, the site is suitable for the selection of the network promotion is very important. If you do not know what kind of way to promote their site, it is to learn the same industry website, strengthen the network to promote learning is particularly important. Finally, the network promotion methods to achieve the ultimate, do fine, stick to it, I believe the traffic will grow day by day. Different industries may flow gap is relatively large, which can be derived from the analysis of the user habits of the target user groups. However, as a sales oriented website, bring targeted traffic, do a good job conversion.

third: high conversion site

The most important factors of

website conversion rate is the website can be profitable, no matter how high your site visits, if no users buy your product is the failure of the site, if the site conversion rate is very high, most of the flow of the garbage flow, it is a failure. If you want to make a high conversion site, Peng Yucheng feel at least should do the following aspects:

1, through the network to promote the work of the target user. Must be the target user;

2, the site to keep customers. For example: website design can let users love, website text description let users feel good, authoritative pictures let users trust website, shopping process let users very aspects are important reasons to attract users leave;

3, do a good job guiding. Pre sales consulting customer service initiative to guide the introduction of detailed product comparison, promotional information, etc. can guide users to buy products.

4, access to user information. Pass the first 3 points >


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