Chen Rongbin Forum marketing must know five big customer purchase decision

, a well-known foreign marketing organization, found that customers choose a brand, product or service will make a series of decisions, almost every transaction will have these decisions.

The first step of

is related to the sales staff. Some features, such as the customer will determine the sales staff, whether the sales staff has the ability to judge good? He trusted? He is honest, reliable and knowledgeable? I love this person? These are judged according to the sales staff of its own, which is why successful sales of their own reasons in the sale of products before the sales staff.

second step decision related to enterprises. Whether your company to meet our expectations rise above the common herd? Business policy of your company is easily accepted by us? If your company is matched with our customers? Consider whether the contacts with you, this kind of problem is often seen in the mind.

third decisions related to the product. Customers will think: can it meet my needs? What problems can it help me solve? What opportunities can it bring to me? How does it compare with the quality of competitive products?

fourth decisions related to price. The customer will think: is it worth it? How much does it cost? How much money is needed: money? Time? Training? Energy? Is it worth it?

fifth decisions related to the purchase time. The customer will think, "how long will I need to make a decision? When will I be able to benefit from it? Do I need to postpone the purchase?"

according to the customer’s decision to buy these five, we can easily affect the customer’s purchase decision, the method is as follows:


the first step: the establishment of authority, opinion leader image

People go into business success at the early stage of

reform and opening up, basically is with good credit in the original position and fairly good relations as backing. As a mixed network chat, irrigation marketing, of course, should also have the ability and resources. When you try to publish the influential posts in a forum or several forums, exposure and occupy a considerable proportion, you can form a circle, forming a to you as the "opinion leaders" circle, at this time, your role is extraordinary, your effect. As long as you in the forum to release your selling products or services, we will yiyongershang. Of course, the premise is that your products or services for these people. In the target consumer is more concentrated forum, we need to do the following:

1, the release of high-quality original articles.

in the forum must have high quality articles, in order to get the support of the majority of users. This can be a unique view on things, can also express their professional knowledge, even we are concerned about the hearsay. For example, in the Tianya (Fen Qing) forum, you write, such as how to separate the Diaoyu Islands, etc., of course, you need to write so that we feel new, if you can write a more attractive effect


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