E-mail network marketing ten

today, more and more enterprises begin to use e-mail marketing way, to do so, if marketers can immediately use just perfect, with tens of thousands of potential and existing customers to establish contact, the cost is much lower than the mail marketing.

however, blindly push e-mail marketing has a huge risk, users will even angry for marketing purposes with a large number of e-mail received resentment, they always will delete the mail, and may even be complaints to the mailbox service provider, makes the enterprise in the e-mail marketing in the cast to waste a lot of effort.

e-mail if it is directly deleted as spam, lost the opportunity to deliver to the customer. Therefore, how to improve the email marketing effect becomes more and more important, the following is the email marketing pioneer who summed up the effective ten trick.

1, provide more value

now, users are increasingly high expectations for e-mail communication, they want to get more value, so the first principle is: find new ideas, provide more value than competitors. One of the most important is not simply to sell, to persuade customers to buy products, but to strengthen the education of customers. According to the characteristics of the product is worth buying for why the relevant specific background, even with the relevant supporting the introduction of products, although some products may not be the company’s flagship product, but it will attract more users to register, click on the e-mail, browse the network shops, and check the related information, thus creating a huge commercial value.

statistics show that users generally can tolerate up to 15 business information, including credit card information and the latest information on children’s school. Therefore, this is a zero sum game, if you want to grab one of those 15 seats, it must pass more value.

2, to new users timely feedback

enterprise must have a specific e-mail address to receive all feedback from the user. This requires someone to be responsible, even if a registered user’s inquiry, should also get a reply, because they are potential users, has great value. Perhaps the feedback received a week is simply a digital, but also cannot let down, because that means they are interested in the products, to put forward questions or feedback, it is possible that some of these people is the most valuable user.

in general, 30 days before the end of the large-scale marketing activities, ~60 days registered users are the most active or most effective users. Once they are registered, you need to immediately send a message of thanks to establish a good relationship. Thereafter, in accordance with the user’s interest, to provide more relevant content in the e-mail, so that they will be received every day dozens or even hundreds of messages in the selection of your message, and respond. It is often very effective to give small gifts, such as the first time


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