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encyclopedia marketing in recent years, the rapid rise of marketing, the effect is very good, has been the attention of enterprises. Many companies began to open the road to Wikipedia marketing, some of their own recruitment, or training of technical personnel, and some are looking for a professional encyclopedia marketing agency. According to the observation’s Encyclopedia of marketing, in June this year, Baidu encyclopedia official made the adjustment, the development of a serious blow to the Encyclopedia of marketing. In the face of new forms, where is the way out for Wikipedia marketing?

encyclopedia marketing platform

marketing, influence behavior using encyclopedia products, domestic mainstream products have 360 Baidu encyclopedia, Wikipedia encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia, Wikipedia soso and Sogou encyclopedia. From time to time, Interactive Encyclopedia is the most involved in the country, followed by Baidu encyclopedia and Interactive Encyclopedia, 360 encyclopedia and Sogou encyclopedia is just launched in 2013. Sogou encyclopedia is not open to create permissions, can only edit.

because Baidu is the search engine giant, so Wikipedia marketing platform is mainly for Baidu encyclopedia, the effect of marketing Baidu encyclopedia is the most obvious. In addition, Baidu encyclopedia popularity is relatively large, customers will be easy to accept. 360 search has been developing rapidly, the second major domestic search engine, so the 360 encyclopedia is very promising, water Encyclopedia of marketing that in the future, Baidu encyclopedia threat encyclopedia is 360.

June, Baidu encyclopedia big adjustment

According to the observation of

water Encyclopedia of marketing, in June, Baidu Baike made a big adjustment. This adjustment is a major adjustment, mainly for audit efforts. The adjustment, the purpose is to enhance the quality of Baidu encyclopedia content, means to strengthen the intensity of the audit, so that there is no chance of illegal content through the audit, so that the contents of the garbage to put an end to. On this adjustment, the official did not open. Just above the water to observe and summarize the marketing.

this adjustment is mainly aimed at the business of the audit, including people, companies, brands, medical treatment and so on, those who have the commercial purpose of entry, very strict audit, it can be said that almost no chance of passing. For non business categories, before and after the adjustment and not much change. Because Wikipedia marketing is basically a business class entries, so the official adjustment of the encyclopedia marketing caused a huge impact.

for business class entries, the official gives a new audit standards, must have a degree of concern. Only with a degree of concern business entry, you can Baidu encyclopedia. What is the degree of concern, Du small force is to say: is the well-known media reported, for example, xinhuanet.com, people.com.cn reported, must be the real objective, rather than by press their own manuscript. The degree of concern, almost put an end to most of the business. Many companies, people, brands, products, etc., has not been reported by well-known media, so the results can be imagined.


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