Media moral judgment! What did we learn from Baoqiang Wang

this time, Baoqiang Wang event has become the biggest hot topic, the amount of 5 billion views, and this figure continues to rise, is expected to reach ten billion times. Micro-blog, which is WeChat cover for a long time social media has also ushered in their second spring, in addition to the stock hit a record high, the degree of concern, the registered amount, viscosity also increased significantly, as a person from the media, this event for everyone to talk about my experiences.

1, the detonation of the incident

the detonation of this incident was initiated at micro-blog, why not at WeChat? Does this mean that WeChat is not suitable for detonation?

I was in the tiger sniffing the network to write an article, I put forward such a view: micro-blog is to look at other people’s world, WeChat is to look at their own world. Micro-blog is a world of idols, WeChat’s world is their own. Micro-blog live users, social interaction is very weak, but after watching the idol, the hot topic of the dynamic property is very strong, a strong WeChat public appeal. Micro-blog completely open, fast update speed, real-time, strong interaction, can be one to many, many to one for dynamic tracking, these properties determine the star event will inevitably take the lead in micro-blog lively. But this does not mean that WeChat is not suitable for detonation event. WeChat has a strong relationship, strong confidentiality, forwarding.

in this incident, a song and a * * pops video is transmitted in the WeChat environment, it is because of the spread of these pictures and video, to further boost the netizens’ anger, finally will vent on the micro-blog post. At PC end, this video pops is absolutely impossible, so much so quickly spread.

so, marketing success event hype is how to "connect the world of others" and "my world", and get the resonance and noise of emotional relief in the linking process.

2, on the occasion of

this thing out, there are many enterprises to the occasion. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, borrow good, have borrowed by the us. This is a very sensitive thing, really want to take this chance not just the right. So, if not done professional event hype, it’s not in the common sense, the boss and the marketing manager don’t clap to the occasion, the fix will be the joke.

3, how to do event hype

can be seen from the case, WeChat, micro-blog is the best and most effective communication channels, such as forums, portals and other auxiliary means. So, do event marketing according to the industry, product features accurate selection of channel resources, the money spent on the blade. The event hype is essentially 42 stroke of gold, with the least money to achieve maximum effect.

4, the cost of doing event hype

for this event, there is no cost, because the event itself is very high potential, strong treasure itself is a celebrity, the event itself, enough abnormal baby so you don’t need to cost enough. But if you want to be free


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