P2P net loan Fortress Besieged with money on foot and crazy into the three incentives

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the Beijing P2P platform network Campbell has escaped and fled after the incident, Shenzhen, a net loan platform "news network" recently broke down run away.

fact, P2P net loan platform foot roll phenomenon is not uncommon. Due to low barriers to entry in the lucrative aspects, let P2P net loan market chaos, nishajuxia. According to China Times incomplete statistics, the country has accumulated 119 P2P platform collapse or foot, involving a total of about $2 billion 100 million of funds. This year, there have been 45 P2P platform foot, only in May there are 8 platforms on foot or off.

although P2P net loan platform frequently closed down or foot scandal, but did not affect the influx of more and more companies into the market. 2010, China’s P2P industry is only 20, by the end of 2013 to break through the 800, now add up to a day of three or four, a month can be on-line on the 100. As of the end of 2013, a nationwide active P2P lending platform has more than 350, the cumulative turnover of more than 60 billion yuan.

P2P is a platform for continuing scandal: platform absconded, capital chain, capital pool mode and the high rate of bad debts. On the other hand, P2P net loan expansion market growth. One into one, P2P net loan has become an alternative fortress besieged". What is the cause of this strange



first, the pursuit of profit maximization of the market is the driving force behind the rapid development of P2P net loan. It is understood that the net Campbell has run away short-term targets of interest has been high, up to 13% to 15%, while the long-term standard 12 months of interest is more than 20%, income directly seckill to balance treasure represented by the baby class financial products. For many investors, the high rate of return is obviously more unpredictable than the high risk even more exciting. Therefore, the investment P2P net loan platform, an effective way for investors to maximize profit. In fact, as "P2P" in "P" end if investors can recognize the huge risk P2P net loan, and abandon investment, so less money to finance P2P platform "natural one can’t make bricks without straw", no longer operating.

in addition to the high-yield investors crazy pursuit of the neglect of the high risk, in the face of the collapse of the platform or flight, the rights of passivity and dispersion, but also indirectly contributed to the P2P net loan market fled serious blame like.

P2P net loan platform is a major feature of the high degree of dispersion of investors, which makes it difficult for investors to form a joint venture collective rights. Data statistics, as of now, more than 80 problems in the P2P net loan platform, the loss of investors to recover the case only


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