B2B giant actively preparing for the 102nd session of the Canton Fair

      China as the field of foreign trade has the longest history, the largest and best closing the first exhibition, known as the "Chinese export barometer" of the 102nd session of the Chinese import and Export Commodities Fair (the fair) will be held in October 15th. The 102nd Autumn Fair as the most influential comprehensive international trade event this year, not only attracted tens of thousands of domestic and foreign businessmen gathered in Guangzhou, but also attracted the favor of domestic B2B companies. The reporter learned recently, leading to the export service based B2B e-commerce platform MadeInChina.com hc360.com is actively preparing for the exhibition matters, will join the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in the trade event, share in Global trade opportunities.

      "at present, MadeInChina.com HC fair of the preparatory work has been preliminary end." HC CEO Guo Fansheng told reporters in an interview, "in the Canton Fair, we are ready for a long time. MadeInChina.com hc360.com commissioned by the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of foreign trade, will bring 434 key industry customers in Ningbo, thousands of Ningbo foreign trade enterprise information to the Canton Fair, use their own resources to carry out large-scale publicity and recommendation for participating and not participating in domestic enterprises, help domestic outstanding enterprises to obtain international trade opportunities; at the same time, with the Canton Fair this platform will showcase MadeInChina.com hc360.com platform advantages and resources advantages, the establishment of a new pathway for the foreign trade enterprises at home and abroad".

      according to the reporter, MadeInChina.com hc360.com is a leading B2B service provider for China Huicong net export enterprises to participate in Global trade, and create a B2B e-commerce platform for online services, mainly for export enterprises to provide Chinese supplier product promotion, exhibition promotion, international trade opportunities of global matching a full range of international trade integration services. After the MadeInChina.com HC online line, before and after Changchun and Beijing, and the Russian foreign organization a meeting, and participated in the first Chinese Northeast Asia Import Expo, MadeInChina.com HC in the B2B export services industry to get recognition and attention. Actively participate in the 102nd session of the Canton Fair, is to export service based MadeInChina.com hc360.com to domestic enterprises and international buyers, B2B industry to show their strength and enhance the influence of industry best place.

      "Canton Fair from the promotion of export one-way platform to promote the coordinated development of import and export trade two-way platform for many domestic foreign trade enterprises is a rare opportunity. Although the total number of booths in the Canton Fair has exceeded 30 thousand, but due to the limitations of the venue, booth


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