The return of the selected golden signboard 380 thousand members as illegal suction gold 1 billion 8


combat remediation network crime in action text / figure

reporter Xu Wei intern reporter

"sparks of fire can start a prairie fire, the trickle into the sea, took the general manager of limited company of science and technology in Chongqing City, Chen Xing handsome office, a huge" return of the one hundred national union distribution map "hangs in the wall, written on the map of this sentence.

as antithetical couplet said, from November 2011 to June 2012, the company took the handsome "the return of the selected network platform, a short time within 793 national city to develop agents at all levels 1584, union 24995 businesses, consumer members of more than 38 people, orders amounted to 11 billion 916 million 960 thousand yuan, the illegal absorption of funds 1 billion 800 million yuan, to achieve a" roll snowball type development.

in June 16, 2012, received the relevant clues, the Public Security Bureau of Chongqing District of Fuling City, initially identified the company suspected of organizing and leading MLM activities, arrested 14 suspects, including Chen Xing, freeze funds involved 180 million yuan.

today, Fuling District Public Security Bureau police task force to the "Legal Daily" reporters detailed disclosure of this piece is included in the supervision of the Ministry of public security network marketing major details.

two "way" built by the Super Company

is located in Daoxiang road Fuling District No. 40 handsome film company was founded in April 2011, initially operating computer software development and sales, but did not cause too much attention.

September 2011, general manager Chen Xing, handsome take after listening to the Fujian gold medal agents hung a proposal, personally to Zhejiang "million shopping" on the network business model, and the development of similar "the return of the selected network to return the money system.

in November 2011, "the return of the selected" official website operation. Handsome shot through the network news, training courses, etc., vigorously promote the consumption of 100 to return to the business philosophy of 100.

it is understood that the company has become a handsome agent or franchisee can enjoy its daily turnover of 0.2% to 1% of the commission. The handsome take our membership every day can obtain the corresponding rebate, expenses for all until full returns to its consumption, the so-called 100% return of principal.

the situation changed quickly. Less than half a year, handsome beat the company from a small company in Fuling myth, the development of the establishment of the six divisions of the national super large companies".

the company consists of 9 departments of technology, finance, customer service, marketing, online shopping, education and training, the registered capital of the initial surge of $300 thousand to $2 million 300 thousand.

In fact, "

handsome take companies do not conduct any business activities, the source of income is in two ways: ordinary consumers to report the total.


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