A brief history of the future development of blog still have development space of innovation

blog has become an integral part of the Internet culture.


users almost always read the blog, whether traditional media "official" news blog, and his hobby is the topic of interest related blog or pure entertainment blog, almost everyone will have one or two favorite blogs.

but it wasn’t like this before. Compared with the Internet itself, the history of the blog is not long. Blog really rise and become an important part of the Internet landscape, in the last five to ten years.

blog early

Links.net is generally considered to be the first blog that was created by Justin Hall, a student at the time of the University of Swarthmore, in 1994. Of course, it was not called a blog, Justin Hall called it their own personal home page.

"blog" this concept was not invented until 1997. "Blog" concept proposed by Jorn Barger in the early influential blog Robot Wisdom, used to describe the process of Web log records ".

1998, Jonathan Dube for The Charlotte Bonnie blog about hurricane Observer, which is the first blog on the traditional news website.

1999 Peter Merholz "Wang Zhi (weblog)" as "blog", transliteration is what we now call "blog". Five years later, Merriam-Webster took blog as their annual representative.

‘s original blog is a manual update, which is usually linked to a home page or archive. This approach is less efficient, but unless the user itself is a platform to customize the blog platform, it can only accept this way.

in the years after the blog appeared, some of the different blog platform began to appear. LiveJournal can be said to be the highest in the early site identification.

1999, Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan in the Pyra laboratory founded after being called Blogger platform. Later, the blog became mainstream, largely thanks to Blogger.


development stage

years after 2000, the development stage of the blog. According to a list of Jesse James prepared in 1999, a total of 23 blogs on the Internet Garrett. By mid 2006, the total number of blogs reached 50 million (data from Technorati’s blog >


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