Adsense network released in August market transactions briefing

recently, Admin5 station network exclusive release of the "August China Internet market briefing", the Admin5 forum hot market transactions were summarized, and from a professional point of view a detailed description of the various types of exchange problems. The Admin5 station network ( is the industry’s well-known webmaster information portal, and under the banner of the Admin5 forum is to become the largest Internet Trading Forum, so the transaction presentation is very practical, a release has aroused widespread concern in the industry, many experts have written a detailed interpretation.

so, what are the details of this presentation? Let’s take a look at it. The domestic Internet market transactions in August briefing is divided into two categories of websites and domain names, respectively, to record the transaction details of the site and domain names.

website transaction briefing

transactions on the site, in August the Admin5 forum website transactions up to 500 pen, the month of the national small and medium site transactions reached nearly 1000 pen. The sale of the site in order to build the history of the majority of 1 years, the proportion of more than 70%; and the main domain name of these sites are the domestic CN domain name. From the volume of transactions, the transaction amount of 100 yuan to between $300 to $30%, while another 30% of the transaction is relatively high, between $1000 to $3000.

According to the

Admin5 station network, these sites sell was mainly due to four reasons: 1) the site too much, just dispose of several; 2) for fast start, no time to take care of the site; 3) recent League slump, station no income; 4) has some special operations team in the SEO website, professional website for sale.

these transactions mainly for QQ, non mainstream, movies, beauty, novels, essays, industry and other types. When we are most concerned about the price, the current QQ and non mainstream websites about the price is 0.8 yuan to 1 yuan /ip, 1000 to 3000IP site traffic mainly in the majority, such sites accounted for about 40% of the volume; the film and film website information about the price is 0.8 yuan /ip, the main site traffic at about 500IP beauty; website about the price is 0.4 yuan /ip, the lowest value of all transactions in the site, site traffic in 8000 to 10000ip; the music class and DJ class website due to copyright pressure to sell more, about the price is 0.7 yuan /ip, website traffic generally mostly from 1000 to 5000ip; fiction the website about the price is 0.8 yuan to 1 yuan /ip, the main use of Jackie program website, website traffic from 1000 to 2000ip. PW games website transaction; gradually the partial heat, mainly for some popular keywords SEO The flow of the site in the sale, the price is about 1000 to $3000, the site traffic is generally between 500 to 1000ip.

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