first_imgLooking for off-campus housing? The search just got easier with South Bend Student Housing, a new website created by six Notre Dame students in the Engineering, Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship Excellence Masters Program (ESTEEM). The website makes finding residences, contacting land lords and securing listings faster and more convenient.Graduate students Keith Marrero, Amanda Miller, Conor Hanley, Eric Tilley, Nathan Higgins and Sean Liebscher are the co-founders of the website and business South Bend Student Housing, which went live in February. “It’s kind of like Amazon,” Marrero said. “You tell it what you want and it’ll tell you what’s available that meets your needs, and then you’re able to make an informed decision based on that.”Marrero said the website allows students to browse housing options in the South Bend area based on amenities and preferences. “One of our goals is to provide information for students about everything that’s available because a lot of students will hear about their housing through word of mouth,” he said. “You don’t really know everything that’s out there.”Although the co-founders are still in the process of contacting landlords and adding additional listings to the site, Marrero said the site already contains numerous housing options available for browsing. Students interested in a property can simply click the “Contact Landlord” button to email the owner directly. The website includes additional features such as a compare option. “One of our big features is the compare feature,” he said. “It enables you to compare three, four, however many properties you want on one page as opposed to having a million tabs open.”Marrero said there are means of comparison between properties to see if they include various features such as off-street parking or in-unit laundry. The distance from the residence to the University is also included. The website is especially helpful for graduate students who travel from various areas around the country and world and are likely unfamiliar with the South Bend area and housing options, Marrero said. The website first started out as a class assignment, but Marrero said the interviews the team conducted for class showed such positive feedback that students began asking when the website would go live. After deciding to make the project a reality, Marrero said the team received funding from an anonymous investor for the entrepreneurial venture. A beta site was created last fall and advertising through social media started in February. Students interested in learning more about off-campus options can visit the website for more information. Tags: ESTEEM, South Bend Student Housinglast_img read more

first_imgDoes the stress of Thanksgiving hit you like a sledgehammer? Are you Googling new recipes the night before the feast to find the perfect sides? Does a relative want Grandma’s cornbread stuffing instead of the Stouffer’s stuffing you had planned to prepare? Are your spouse and kids expecting that favorite traditional pie or cake?Let’s face it: The holidays look picture-perfect in the media, but in reality, they may not be so full of harmony and smiles. Hosting a Thanksgiving meal means giving careful attention to all the details, like the guest list, place settings, menu, and time of day, in addition to the cooking, cleaning and entertaining.Now is the perfect time to take action to alleviate Thanksgiving stress. Make 2017 a less stressful holiday season by following these steps from University of Georgia Cooperative Extension.Plan ahead. Take note of what worked well in past years and repeat those things. Don’t force things that didn’t work well in the past. Make a general plan of menu items you want to serve, what day you’re going to shop and when you need to start thawing your turkey. Decide what dishes and serving trays you want to use – think about disposable items to make your life easier! Your family will remember how you made them feel, more than they’ll judge every detail.Don’t go it alone. It may be simpler to take control of everything yourself, but it is an easy way to burn out. Ask for your family’s assistance and promote yourself as the delegator. If someone else makes perfect pies or delicious stuffing, let them take that task off of your plate. You can designate a coordinator who plans the menu and asks others to bring a side item. This gives everyone the chance to display their cooking talents. Your family will appreciate you being more relaxed, and working together gets everyone in the holiday spirit.Resist the urge to buy new things or feel the pressure to try new recipes. Now is not the time to channel your inner Martha Stewart or redecorate your living room. Go with what you know. Classic holiday foods have many fond memories attached to them, and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. If you love trying new things, try no more than one new recipe.Set realistic expectations for family affairs. All families have disagreements, and that’s OK. With so many people in close quarters, tempers can run high! Sometimes those disagreeable moments are the ones we laugh about down the road. Since time machines are not available, it is important to find a way to live in the now.Consider a seating chart. Even though seating charts may sound formal, it can take the awkwardness out of finding a place to sit, especially if your guests are unfamiliar with each other. A well-crafted seating chart can eliminate conflict and generate free-flowing, positive conversations. If there is one person that always “stirs the pot,” place him or her at the end of the table, perhaps nearest those who won’t be influenced or upset by their remarks. Place attention seekers at the other end of the table so they don’t monopolize the conversation. In the center, seat the extroverts who have never met a stranger so that they can make everyone feel at home.Take the pressure off by sharing both the love and the responsibilities this holiday season. Let the holiday season be fun and relaxing. Enjoy the company of friends and family and take time to remember what the holidays are all about.last_img read more