first_imgOn Thursday, the Saint Mary’s Class Gift Campaign paid homage to the ghostly inhabitants of Saint Mary’s with its Sweet Treats and Scary Stories event. It is rumored that various ghosts, including the spirit of Sister Madeleva, former president of the College, roam the halls of Saint Mary’s after hours. At the event, staff and students read excerpts from “Quiet Hours: Revealing the Mysteries,” a book written by three Saint Mary’s alumnae. This collection of short stories tells actual experiences of Saint Mary’s students, faculty and staff with ghosts around campus. Participants listened to ghost stories while enjoying a spread of sweets including a chocolate fondue bar, apple cider, hot chocolate, pumpkin pie and candy apples. “I had read ‘Quiet Hours’ before, but my favorite story is of the girl walking down the avenue,” first year Madeline Haverilla said. “A murderer sees her on the road, but doesn’t attack her because he sees someone walking with her, even though she was alone. It gave me the chills, but it also made me feel like there is someone looking out for us.” Continuing the scary theme of the night, students participated in a costume contest that awarded the scariest, creepiest costumes. First prize was a bobblehead figure of Dr. Carol Ann Mooney, president of Saint Mary’s College, and her husband George Efta. Due to cold temperatures, very few students dressed up. “I would have dressed up if it wasn’t so cold outside,” sophomore Kira Terrill said. The Class Gift Campaign also raffled off $50, $25 and $10 of munch money in a drawing. Students entered the drawing by picking up tickets at the dining hall and student center throughout the week and by presenting them upon arrival at the event. This year, the Class Gift Campaign co-sponsored the event with the Resident Hall Association (RHA). “RHA has always hosted an Autumn Harvest, an event with fall themed treats, for students. But this year, Class Gift Campaign approached us with the idea of working together on this event,” RHA President Kat Nelson said. “The event has had a great turnout. We had canoe races around the lake earlier, and then everyone came over afterwards. Some faculty and staff members brought their families, and it was great to see some professors with their kids.” The event also gave students the opportunity to make individual donations. “We hope that students will see how much tradition there is at Saint Mary’s and how important it is that everyone give back to the College,” Amy Dardinger, assistant director of Phonathon, said.  “It’s a fun event to host around Halloween time, but its also a way to remind students that many people before them made a Saint Mary’s education possible.”last_img read more

first_imgBy Dialogo January 07, 2010 CALDERIA, CHILE- The scenario paints a picture of insurgent control, oppression of the population, kidnappings, turmoil and death for the people of the “Republic of Morado.” Multinational stabilization forces are unable to control the insurgent attacks and request assistance from the United Nations. The U.N. Security Council resolution permits the deployment of a Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force to conduct peace enforcement operations. This is where Exercise Southern Star 2009 begins. Special Operations forces from four South American nations and the United States recently gathered in Chile to exercise their capability to command and control a multinational force conducting stability operations, while implementing a Security Council resolution. The purpose of the 10-day exercise was to increase interoperability and build participating nations’ capabilities to function as part of a multinational force, which in turn would increase their ability to deal with transnational threats. Southern Star is an annual joint, multinational training exercise sponsored by U.S. Southern Command, hosted in Chile and conducted almost exclusively in Spanish. The exercise forges together partner nations from the Southern Cone region of South America. Special Operations Command South from Homestead Air Reserve Base, Fla., was the lead U.S. military agency and coordinated the exercise. This was the third and largest year for Southern Star with nearly 850 participants from Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and the United States. Each country’s military sent a selection of different SOF and support specialties from their army, navy, air force and marine components to represent their respective countries during the exercise. Although the scenario was based in the fictitious location of the Republic of Morado, service members were postured in three main locations near Copiapó, the capital of Atacama Region, Chile. The first and largest was a base in Chañaral where all the operators were based and from where they conducted most of the missions against targets within striking distance. An operational detachment of U.S. Special Forces Soldiers embedded with the Chilean special operations forces also conducted training for the South American SOF on or near the base in Chañaral. The second location was home to the command center and was about 80 miles south in Calderilla. The Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force conducted command and control activities amid meeting the challenges of reacting to mortar attacks, protests and other civil disturbances to test their capabilities. The Joint Exercise Control Group operated just down the road at the third location in nearby Bahia Inglesa. Primarily composed of U.S. members of SOCSOUTH and the Chilean members from the Brigada de Operaciones Especiales (the Special Operations Brigade,) each member had a vested interest in ensuring the training was realistic as possible. They would frequently visit the nearby Combined Joint Special Operations Command to get realistic feedback on how the exercise was shaping up. The main differences from years past were the number of participating countries and the number of people involved from each country. In 2007, only two nations — Chile and the United States — were involved. Observers and staff members from Paraguay and Uruguay, as well as observers from Brazil joined the exercise in 2008. This was the first year that the tactical forces of Paraguay and Uruguay joined as participants and Brazilian staff members contributed at the CJSOTF. Brig. Gen. Hector Pagan, SOCSOUTH commander, said everyone worked together extremely well. “The connections that really matter are the connections between the countries in the region. It is important that the partner nations have a good relationship,” Pagan said. “That is really what is important, that long after we’re gone, these countries continue to interact and join in operations together,” Pagan added. At every level – tactical, operational and strategic – the soldiers shared knowledge and skills to accomplish the mission. The multinational force was challenged daily to perform a variety of missions including reconnaissance, direct action, combat search and rescue, maritime interdiction, hostage rescue and medical evacuation. The training was beneficial for the forces on the ground, in the air and at sea. “This was a great opportunity for everyone to see how important it is to work together. On the MIO (Maritime Interdiction Operation), we had Air Force snipers in Army helicopters while Marines were seizing the enemy’s boat,” said Chilean Air Force Maj. Claudio Alcázar Sichel. “It was great to be a part of that. The exercise was a good chance to test and share our procedures, techniques and tactics, equipment in use and combat experiences,” Alcázar Sichel said. As the scenario developed, three American hostages and one Moradian hostage were rescued, key locations and highway intersections were seized and controlled, and more than 100 insurgents were killed. A team from Special Operations Command –Joint Forces Command was also on hand as observer trainers to provide feedback and document any lessons learned or best practices. Lt. Col. James Rodney, the team leader, commended the CJSOTF on a job well done. He said there were many factors, such as a past working relationship and language commonality, that led to a seamless integration between countries. “It is a great exercise because, aside from the tactical play and running the operation, it gives countries a common cause for doing something together,” Pagan said. As for the future of Southern Star, Pagan said he would like to see it grow. “It has been a good vehicle for getting these countries together. We would like to continue doing it,” said Pagan.last_img read more

first_imgIt was the final press conference before Claressa Shields faces Ivana Habazin for the vacant WBC and WBO junior middleweight titles Friday night, and the latter took the podium with an amendment to make.“Claressa Shields is not the greatest woman of all time,” Habazin said Tuesday, referring to Shields’ self-proclaimed “GWOAT” nickname. “But she is the greatest bully of all time.” Shields, seated just a few inches to her right, gave the remark a thumbs down.Join DAZN and watch more than 100 fight nights a yearHours later, she sat in Sporting News’ office in Lower Manhattan and was further irked by Habazin’s assertion.“I don’t bully nobody,” Shields told SN. “I don’t even know why she said that. I haven’t had any interaction with her since the fight got cancelled in Flint.”The fight in Michigan was supposed to happen last Oct. 5, but it was canceled at the weigh-in when Habazin’s trainer, James Ali Bashir, 68, was attacked and hospitalized with head and facial injuries. Shields’ brother, Artis Mack, was charged with one count of assault in connection with the altercation. Following the ugly incident, Shields has publicly offered statements not condoning the attack.A little over a month later, the fight was rescheduled for Friday, Jan. 10 at the Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, N.J. From that point until now, Shields hasn’t appreciated Habazin’s insinuation that Shields herself was involved in the assault nor the Croatian fighter’s remarks about her family.“After I made a statement, I think a day later she made her statement, and her statement was she called me a thug and said my family was thugs and that I need my thugs to protect me,” Shields said. “I just blocked her on all social media because I don’t take stuff like that lightly.”Habazin has claimed that the “thug” remark was for Shields’ brother and not Shields, but other comments from the former welterweight champion piqued “T-Rex” in all the wrong ways.“She’s just using the situation that happened in Flint to build her own career and to build herself up,” Shields said. “Yeah, you can care about your coach and use him for motivation, but for her to keep saying that — oh, now she’s saying I’m a bully, at first I’m a thug and then I’m stupid, I don’t know how to read and all this crazy stuff, she is embarrassing herself.“Whether we have bad blood or not,” Shields added, “I’m still going to kick her ass.”On Wednesday morning, Shields upped the ante by promising to channel WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder’s knockout artistry on Friday night.Bringing all my @BronzeBomber Vibes this Friday. Gonna sleep this weak ass girl 😈💪🏾— ClaressaT-rexShields (@Claressashields) January 8, 2020Despite what Shields deems as attacks on her character, she says this fight is more about making history. Or “herstory” as she calls it.Shields already stands as the only American boxer to win back-to-back Olympic gold medals. A win Friday, and the 24-year-old would reign as a three-division world champ faster than any boxer — male or female — in history, beating out Vasiliy Lomachenko, who accomplished the feat in 11 fights.“It would mean a lot to become the fastest boxer to claim three divisions,” said Shields (9-0, 2 KOs). “It’d mean a lot because women can fight, women can box, and the fact that I’ve taken the same challenges that Lomachenko has taken and I’ve done it faster, I feel like it puts me … if they ever talk about this, he’ll always be second on the list.“It’s about a woman being first ahead of the men.”That’s not to say that Shields isn’t already. When asked where she thinks she falls on the pound-for-pound list, Shields said “Top 10” without any hesitation. As she sat and pondered it a bit more, Shields only bolstered her case for a higher standing.“I don’t know if you want to put me at No. 10 because it makes men comfortable, or I don’t know if you want to put me at No. 5 or No. 6,” Shields commented, “but I know that I got a lot of skills and I can do everything inside the ring.”Shields says that skill set includes being able to box like Muhammad Ali, throw combinations like “Sugar” Ray Leonard, offer great head movement like Lomachenko — all equipped with the defense of Floyd Mayweather Jr.That’s why she feels she’s at least Top 10.“(The list) got some men who are on people’s top 10 who don’t have better skills than me,” Shields added for good measure.✅ Box around like @MuhammadAli✅ Thow combinations like @SugarRayLeonard✅ Hand movement like @VasylLomachenko✅ Defense like @FloydMayweatherJust a few reasons why @Claressashields believes she is a Top 10 pound-for-pound fighter regardless of how men feel about it.— Sporting News Fights (@sn_fights) January 8, 2020Following this bout against Habazin, Shields intends to have a small training camp with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Shields hopes the GWOAT-GOAT meeting lays the groundwork for eventually training herself up in MMA and clashing with UFC women’s double champ Amanda Nunes in the octagon someday.For Shields, it’s all a part of her New Year’s resolution of refusing to compromise — both professionally and personally — so that she could keep her laser-like vision 20/20.Despite becoming the undisputed middleweight champion in 2019 — just the second women ever to be crowned with that glory — Shields says she wasn’t her happiest last year.“I do a lot for my family and friends, and I do a lot of compromising just because of their feelings,” Shields said. “I’m not worried about my feelings. I’m worried about everybody else.“From me doing that, it kind of made me unhappy,” she continued about her 2019 mood. “I didn’t travel to where I wanted to travel to, I didn’t do stuff I wanted to do just because I was looking out for other people, or listening to other people or trying to make everyone else comfortable.”Entering 2020, Shields made a conscious decision to change that. “It’s like my life is about making me comfortable,” Shields said. “It’s about me being happy. It’s about me feeling like I’m doing what I need to do. And not just having a great boxing life, but a great personal life also.“It all has to kind of mesh together and it wasn’t last year, so I’m cutting that this year,” she said. “Probably every year after that too.”Shields’ fighting herstory should be better off for it, beginning Friday night.last_img read more

first_imgIn the video, A-Rod and J.Lo are dressed up in what appears to be a hotel room or lobby. A-Rod is holding the camera and staring impassively into the mirror, while J.Lo starts dancing. When the lights go out, hilarity ensues.@arod13##LateNight Tik Toks 💯💯 @jlo ##waitforit♬ original sound – arod13Hopefully J.Lo doesn’t need to wear that dress again after A-Rod stretched it out, but you can’t doubt his commitment to the bit. He even wore her earrings.MORE: The Cardinals did Jack Flaherty dirty in his contract situationThe video has 219,000 likes and over two million views in just half a day, and is his most popular TikTok to date. A-Rod has only recently joined TikTok and seems to enjoy the dancing aspect of it. He has four TikToks posted to his page, and most of them involve his daughters and some type of dance or challenge. Before this went viral, his first TikTok of him doing the “renegade challenge” with his daughter Tashi was his most watched, with over 500,000 views and 44,000 likes. @arod13This is my first Tik Tok!!!! My daughter, Tashi, told me this is the ##renegade challenge. How’d I do?!? 🤣 ##dance♬ original sound – arod13MORE: When is Opening Day 2020? Date, schedule, start times for all 30 MLB teamsA-Rod and J.Lo are the most recent celebrities to take part in this challenge, but plenty of other stars have flipped the switch too. “SNL” posted a video of a dancing Kate McKinnon and former Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren to Twitter on Saturday.𝗙𝗹𝗶𝗽𝗽𝗲𝗱 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘀𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗰𝗵.— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) March 8, 2020A-Rod and J.Lo have been dating since 2017, and got engaged in 2019. Apparently, nothing keeps the romance alive like couples TikToks. A-Rod is flipping — but not his bat.The former Yankees third basemen posted a TikTok last night with his fiancée, entertainer Jennifer Lopez, featuring one of the latest TikTok memes that’s been the sweeping through the app. It uses part of Drake’s song “Nonstop” in which you hear the rapper say “I just flipped the switch.” At that point, the people in the video turn off the light and turn it on again to reveal they’ve “switched,” usually positions and clothing.last_img read more