Discussion what is the logic behind the Shanghai dragon

we can have such a conclusion, if a website contains, the tens of thousands of all features, then his ranking first, why, because I love Shanghai algorithm judgment conditions derived from the tens of thousands of websites. If you agree with me, so we can continue to talk. Then how can we win? Who can fully meet the site love Shanghai algorithm, who is ranked first, if love Shanghai has one hundred conditions, you meet one hundred then you must first, if you only meet two, then go outside to find you a thousand. So the key lies in the Shanghai dragon, you must comply with the conditions of judging algorithm of love Shanghai more than you peer website. I still say something more detailed.

in a certain industry, whenever there are new factors appeared, love Shanghai will take this factor down, then the next time the adjustment of the factors added. Shanghai is in love with the tens of thousands of sites of continuous improvement at the same time, our algorithm also improved. This is a website with tens of thousands of love Shanghai algorithm between wits with the romance of the Three Kingdoms, the eighteen Marquis Dong Zhuo with the same struggle between ah, so, how can we win from the tens of thousands of sites? I said, to determine the factors love Shanghai algorithm, are from this website to tens of thousands of. You can understand. Keywords extraction from the tens of thousands of them. The hyperlink is extracted from the tens of thousands of them. How many people are there in search of this industry every day, but also from the extraction of tens of thousands of. Our website is destined to become a part of this industry inside, also decided, we will become a part of love Shanghai algorithm.

1, each industry has its own related keywords, such as health related medical class, intellectual property related keywords intellectual property rights in this regard, Shanghai love of these words are classified, the key is through tens of thousands of website to complement the focus here, if your website contains keywords related to all industries, other sites, no, then you are closer to love Shanghai algorithm, then under the same conditions, your website.

The new site of

I always wanted to use the most colloquial language, clearly express what is Shanghai dragon? I can’t say that I am master, this does not affect I have their own understanding of the Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon is tens of thousands of websites that love for Shanghai ranked first position. Here, all this website is your opponent, love your opponent is Shanghai algorithm. According to the way of struggle with the enemy, we should focus on the actual situation of our competitors, analyze their advantages, and the short board where. Then according to these make their own strategy. In general, Shanghai dragon ranking, is tens of thousands of websites, and love the battle between Shanghai algorithm. Love all of Shanghai’s algorithm, are from this website to tens of thousands of features, these characteristics for judging conditions, then according to these conditions determine who ranked higher.


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