NEW YORK — Memoirist no more? It’s hard to believe, but “Save Me the Plums” just might be the last such narrative for Ruth Reichl.Her latest, after “Tender at the Bone,” ”Comfort Me with Apples” and a lifetime’s worth of others, has Reichl taking on her decade as editor in chief of Gourmet magazine, and it comes nearly as long after the 70-year-old magazine was abruptly shut down on her watch.This is Reichl’s side of the story, part ode to the friends she made at Gourmet (she thanks late publisher Si Newhouse) and part plain talk about 2009, the year of the end for the iconic monthly and a painful time for the magazine industry as a whole.The multiple James Beard-winning and bestselling Reichl was credited with modernizing Gourmet while she was treated to a level of luxury served up by Conde Nast that took some getting used to. That after her stint — and disguises — as restaurant critic for The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.At 71, Reichl has been far from idle. She’s been at her typewriter, as always, putting out her first novel, “Delicious!”, and most recently a cookbook, “My Kitchen Year.” And she’s been cooking, joyously, for the people who matter most, friends and family.Oh, and she still tweets delectably to her 1.3 million followers: “It’s spring! Ecstatic birds flit through sunny skies. Deer leap through the woods. Hot biscuits. Strawberries. Happy.”Our conversation with Ruth Reichl:AP: When did you start writing this book?Reichl: I guess I kind of started writing it right after the magazine closed, or at least thinking about writing it at that point. I was so devastated. It took me a while. But I then decided I would write a novel first, that I would just go away and imagine myself into another place. It actually worked. I had a lot of fun writing that novel and just leaving reality behind.Maybe three years ago I thought, now it’s time. It’s time to write the Gourmet book.AP: Is it also time to finally write off the paper media industry, including magazines?Reichl: I think it’s way too early for that. I think we’re in this revolution and none of us really knows how it’s going to come out. There are all these surprising moments in this. People thought that digital books were going to kill books. It hasn’t happened.People want paper media. We’re still in that place now where we’re figuring out what’s better digitally and what’s better tactually. What do you really want to hold? Gourmet was something you could dream about. It wasn’t just information. We still need that.AP: You transformed Gourmet. How did Gourmet transform you?Reichl: I went in there as kind of a Cinderella. I was an ordinary person and suddenly I am dropped into this place where anything is possible, and you live like a rich person for a while. You have hair and makeup people show up at your house in the morning and fluff you for the day. It’s really, really fun and it’s kind of exciting.But I got to this point where I realized what really mattered to me was the magazine, my staff, the wonderful things that we could do there. The rest of that stuff was just unnecessary.AP: You took a transformative, on-the-cheap trip to Paris near the end. You harkened back to your hippie past at Berkeley and flew economy for the first time in a long while. When was the last time you flew economy as you did on that trip?Reichl: Uh, this morning. Otherwise it’s a lot of money for a few hours. I was on stage the other night and somebody was talking about Uber and I said it’s really cheap if you do Uber Pool. And he looked at me and he said boy, you really still are a Berkeley hippie, aren’t you?AP: Do you miss being a boss?Reichl: I miss that enormous pleasure of the collaboration and what happens when you work with a group of people and somebody has an idea and somebody else takes it and says I can make it better. As a group, you build something. I miss that. I really miss that.AP: How has the experience of cooking changed for you now that you’re a civilian?Reichl: I find a deeper pleasure. Being someone who spends most of my time writing means I have time to cook. Being at Gourmet I was really trying to balance family life and work life. There were times when I would not even take my coat off before I was throwing things into the pan.I still gain enormous amounts of pleasure from cooking.AP: Do you have a favourite thing to cook?Reichl: I mostly cook for other people. I get up in the morning and I say to my husband, what do you want for dinner? That gives me great pleasure. If people are coming over I think, oh, Peter really loves blueberry pie, so I’ll make a blueberry pie.AP: What does Ruth like to cook just for Ruth?Reichl: So much of cooking for me is about aroma. I love the way chicken soup smells when it’s cooking. It fills the house and calms you down. That’s a real pleasure for me.AP: Do you make matzo balls?Reichl: I’ve never made a matzo ball in my life.AP: So what’s next?Reichl: I’m about to write another novel and I have a contract to write a third.AP: Will they be food themed?Reichl: One of them is food themed and one of them is not. But I always go to the food place. It’s just in my DNA.Leanne Italie, The Associated Press read more

United Nations weapons inspectors withdrawn from Iraq on the eve of the war in March have continued analyzing biological samples and evaluating Iraqi Al-Samoud 2 missiles in their search for evidence of banned weapons that Saddam Hussein may have possessed, according to their latest report released today.The inspectors, who have not returned to Iraq in a functional capacity since the United States occupation, have not been given the results of investigations by the US-led Iraq Survey Group, other than a statement made to the public on its interim progress report. The Survey Group has not given that report itself, they add.In its 15th quarterly report to the Security Council, the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) notes that it continues to store equipment for its activities in Cyprus, as well as some in Baghdad, but that its core professional staff has been reduced to 51, a 10 per cent reduction since the last quarter.With regard to biological samples, UNMOVIC reports that additional analysis of anthrax weapons material declared by Iraq to have been unilaterally destroyed at two locations confirms that the genotype of the strain is identical to that which Iraq declared it had selected for weaponization.On the Al-Samoud 2 missiles, UNMOVIC says that although the design was inherently capable of exceeding the 150-kilometre-range allowed for the weapons, it found no evidence of projects to modify the configuration to achieve even greater ranges, such as development of a larger engine, use of extended fuel tanks and longer engine operation times. Listen to UN Radio report read more

“Your country… was on the brink of civil war, even just one year ago. But you have overcome this with political courage and determination which meant, in the end, foresight and political wisdom have prevailed,” Mr. Ban said at a media encounter in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a. “This is a process which must be irreversible. There is no turning back.”The UN chief was in the Arabian peninsula nation to mark the forthcoming first anniversary of the conclusion of a peace and transition agreement, reached in the Saudi capital of Riyadh in November last year, and lend his personal support to the country’s transition process.“The United Nations is here to witness the progress which you have made and also reaffirm our strong commitment that we will stand by the Yemeni people and Government in making advances toward a brighter future, and prosperous and conciliatory and participatory democracy,” he said.Yemen has been undergoing a democratic transition, with a Government of National Unity under the leadership of President Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi, who came to power in an election in February. This followed an agreement signed by warring factions in November 2011 on a transitional settlement in the wake of widespread protests similar to those seen across the Middle East and North Africa, and the resignation of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.An important element of the transition is an all-inclusive, so-called National Dialogue, scheduled to take place later this year, and the outcome of which will feed into a constitution-making process that is to conclude in late 2013, enabling general elections to take place in February 2014.In remarks for an event marking the anniversary in Sana’a, the Secretary-General welcomed the country’s progress, noting that while calm had returned to most parts of the country, it still faced profound challenges. He also highlighted the importance of the National Dialogue process and how this needed to be open to all, with women exercising a prominent and meaningful role, and the views and aspirations of Yemeni young people also taken into account.“This is a historic moment – but it may be too early only to rejoice; there is still a long way to go. I know that there will be many hurdles and challenges. You have just started the process of national dialogue,” Mr. Ban said in his remarks at the media encounter. While in Yemen, the UN chief met with President Hadi and Prime Minister Mohammed Salim Basindwah and his cabinet, in addition to a range of young people, men and women, and members of the diplomatic corps and the Preparatory Committee for the National Dialogue, amongst others.“I have met the technical committee, preparatory committee members, and they are very much committed to address all the challenges, including the grievances of [the South] and meeting the legitimate aspirations of many people,” Mr. Ban said. “This process will be Yemeni led and Yemeni owned. The United Nations together with member states of the international community will continue to help.” Acknowledging “very difficult past legacies,” the Secretary-General noted that these legacies can be overcome through reconciliation and mutual understanding, as well as more caring policies from President Hadi and Prime Minister Basindwah. “This Government of National Unity has been playing a very important role. I am sure that under such a strong leadership and with strong backing from the United Nations you will be successful. That is my message. Let us work together,” Mr. Ban said.In his media remarks, the UN chief also thanked the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Security Council, particularly the latter’s permanent members, and other major donors which have been supporting Yemen.Later on Monday, Secretary-General Ban arrived in Egypt, where he was to have a working dinner in the capital, Cairo, with the country’s foreign minister – as part of a visit to the region, aimed at adding his support to Egyptian-led efforts to reach an immediate ceasefire to the violence currently taking place in Gaza and southern Israel.The new wave of violence – which includes rocket attacks against Israel from Gaza, and Israeli airstrikes on Gaza – has resulted in several people being killed or wounded on both sides.On Tuesday, Mr. Ban is expected to meet President Mohamed Morsy and the Prime Minister Hesham Kandil, as well as the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Nabil El-Araby. read more

1Mike Trout28.61Mike Trout37.9 PLAYERWAR 5Alex Rodriguez22.95Ken Griffey Jr.30.1 5Al Kaline8.95Al Kaline15.4 3Ty Cobb9.53Ty Cobb15.7 2Ty Cobb46.7 As a result — and in concert with MLB labor mechanisms that force young stars to either play for peanuts through their arbitration years or lock themselves into long, below-market extensions (as Trout did in 2014, re-signing with the Angels through 2020) — Trout has produced a ton of surplus value for the Angels, relative to what he’s been paid. According to, Trout’s production would have been worth about $357 million on the open market since his MLB debut, a span over which he was paid only about $24 million.That’s why speculation that the Yankees are loading up for a Trout trade breaks down upon examination. At a glance, why not ship Trout away from a rebuilding team where his WAR is being wasted (aside, of course, from Angels fans who like to watch him play) to a huge market that has the prospects for a blockbuster deal? The answer: It would take a monster package of young talent to justify trading away a player who so outperforms his contract and probably will continue to do so for the next several years.If we apply Tom Tango’s simple WAR projection system with an average future value of $8.6 million per win,3Starting with a rough cost-estimate of $8 million per WAR next season, with 5 percent annual growth until 2020. the final four seasons of Trout’s contract figure to see him generate 32.5 WAR, for a market value of $282 million,4Including the yearly minimum salary of about $500,000. and be paid $122 million. So it probably won’t be until Trout’s next contract that the cost-benefit tradeoff of having him around begins to make a trade realistic for either the Angels or the team they’re negotiating with.At that point, the math gets a little silly. Even in the first year of his next deal, Trout’s WAR projects to be worth so much on the open market (roughly $75 million) that he’d need a truly paradigm-shifting contract — one that would basically double the highest annual salary of anybody in the game right now — to not be underpaid. With superstar free-agent deals, the question often isn’t whether they’ll be paid more than they’re worth, but by how much. Trout, however, is so good that it might be hard for him to earn fair market value even in his big post-prime payday.For now, that means Trout is probably stuck carrying the Angels. In the past, that would have also meant his chances of contending for the MVP were slim, despite his incredible individual numbers. But perhaps Trout’s win Thursday also signals a change in the way voting will be conducted going forward. The MVP electorate has been skewing more progressive for a while, in terms of its willingness to use sabermetric tools, and there’s nothing more open-minded than giving the MVP to the leader of a 74-88 team.But maybe it was also about Trout’s own particular greatness. No player has ever been so good at such a young age; it was likely that future generations would have looked at his repeated MVP snubs and wondered what the hell the voters were thinking to deny him the AL’s top individual award, over and over. WAR Through Age 22WAR Through Age 23 4Bryce Harper8.94Ken Griffey Jr.15.5 1Mike Trout48.5 3Ted Williams23.63Ted Williams34.2 a 3Mickey Mantle40.9 4Alex Rodriguez38.0 4Mel Ott23.54Mel Ott31.4 WAR Through Age 24 2Ty Cobb25.52Ty Cobb36.0 a PLAYERWAR 5Ken Griffey Jr.37.0 WAR Through Age 20WAR Through Age 21 2Mel Ott11.42Mel Ott17.9 Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout is widely acknowledged to be the best player in baseball and has been for quite some time. But for all his gifts, awards recognition has been hard for Trout to come by. Although Trout has led the American League in wins above replacement (WAR) for each of the past five seasons,1Ever since he first became a full-time player in 2012. he had only won MVP honors once going into Thursday night’s award announcement — and victory there was far from assured.Unlike in the past, though, when Trout’s horrid teammates were held against him in favor of some lesser player on a winning team, the voters broke with tradition and went for the player with stellar individual numbers. In winning the MVP, Trout became just the sixth player from a losing team to take home the hardware. It was a victory for the new ways of player evaluation and a more modern take on what the “valuable” part of MVP really means.But even if Trout hadn’t won the award, he could have taken the same solace he could last year: MVP or not, but he’s still tracking to be the G.O.A.T.Through every single age in which he played a full season,2Not including his age-19 season in 2011, when he logged only 40 games after a July call-up. Trout has been the all-time career leader in’s WAR for position players. It was true through age 20, age 21, age 22, age 23 and — after posting 10.6 WAR in 2016, a performance that basically matched his previous single-season peak — age 24. No player has ever started his career on this kind of tear — not Ruth, not Cobb, not Mantle, nobody. Mike Trout is (still!) the G.O.A.T. at any age Most career WAR through each age since 1901, among position players.Source: 1Mike Trout11.41Mike Trout20.7 read more

first_imgUpdated Sunday 23 March 12pmA MISSING PERSON appeal was issued by the PSNI in relation to Spanish national last seen in Belfast on the eve of St Patrick’s Day.26-year-old Spanish national Damaris Gualdo Sanchez was last seen in the Dublin Road area of the city on Sunday 16 March.Today, a week later, the PSNI said she has been found safe and well.Read: Man shot in the face after dropping child off at Dublin crecheRead: Man’s body discovered in Donegal houselast_img

first_imgGive humanity a few centuries, and someone will work out how to build any contraption you can dream up. Leonardo Da Vinci drew blueprints for a partially-functional helicopter hundreds of years before one was actually built, and the physics behind the modern chopper would make even the great inventor’s head spin. Lucky for you there’s a handy video explaining the basic physics behind it.Most people know that modern helicopters have a tail rotor to counter the spin introduced by the main rotor blades. What you may not know is that the stability of a helicopter is dependant on a device called a swashplate.According to this episode of the YouTube series Smarter Every Day, the swashplate is used to change the angle of the blades during rotation. Contrary to popular belief, the blades on a helicopter don’t change altitude by altering the speed of the spin — it’s all about the swashplate. By controlling how much air passes over the blades, and at what angle, more or less lift is produced. This is called the “collective pitch.” By using the swashplate to alter the “cyclic pitch” of the blades, both pitch and roll can be controlled too.This is the second episode on helicopter physics Smarter Every Day has released, but the first to really start going into the finer details. Future installments promise to get into the minutiae of the technology behind helicopters. It’s definitely worth checking out if only for the rad RC helicopter tricks on display.More at Smarter Every Daylast_img read more

first_img Tuesday 20 Jun 2017, 9:19 AM By AFP Jun 20th 2017, 9:19 AM 34 Comments File photo Image: Shutterstock/Georgia Evans Share257 Tweet Email2 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Teenager who was killed by bear sent text to his family while being chased “This young man didn’t do anything wrong. He was just in the wrong place.” center_img 52,517 Views File photo A 16-YEAR-OLD boy was mauled and killed by a bear during a running race in Alaska at the weekend, authorities have said.Patrick Cooper, of Anchorage, managed to text his family as he was being chased.On Sunday, he was competing in an annual mountain race that goes through rugged terrain when he apparently encountered the bear. He reportedly texted a member of his family to say he was being chased by the animal.“The mother was here with her family, her children, they were running the race,” Nathan Michell, of the Anchorage police department, told reporters.The race director said the boy had raced up a mountain and was on his way down extremely steep terrain that goes through thick wilderness when the attack took place.Several fellow runners and rescuers rushed to the site but initially couldn’t get close as the animal was still in the area.‘In the wrong place’ “The bear was remaining in the area where the young man was,” Tom Crockett, a park ranger with Chugach State Park, told local media.He said a park ranger shot the bear in the face but the animal managed to escape. Cooper’s body was found about 500 yards from the trail in heavily wooded terrain.Bear encounters are not common in the area and it was unclear what prompted the attack, Crockett said.“This young man didn’t do anything wrong. He was just in the wrong place,” he told the Alaska Dispatch News. “You can’t predict which bear will be predatory.”- © AFP 2017Read: Four-year-old boy whose parents were on honeymoon among dead in Portugal firesRead: ‘It’s a brutal regime’: Trump condemns North Korea after imprisoned US student’s death Short URL Image: Shutterstock/Georgia Evanslast_img read more

first_imgSomali security officer stands guard at the scene of a suicide car explosion in front of Doorbin hotel in Mogadishu, on Saturday. Photo: AFPTwo car bombings killed 38 people in the Somali capital Mogadishu on Friday, the city’s main ambulance service told AFP on Saturday.“We have seen at least 38 people dead,” said Abdukadir Abdurahman Aden of the Aamin Ambulance of the bombings that targeted the presidential palace and a hotel.The first blast, followed by gunfire, occurred at a security checkpoint close to Villa Somalia, the name for the seat of government, while a second followed soon after at a hotel, according to police.The Shabaab Islamist militant group claimed the attacks in a statement posted online, saying it was targeting the government and security services.The blasts follow weeks of relative calm in Mogadishu.According to officials, the main attack involved the use of a vehicle loaded with explosives attempting to breach a checkpoint leading to the presidential palace, but security forces prevented the assault.“The security forces foiled the intent of the terrorists. They were aiming for key targets but they could not even go closer, there were five of them killed by the security force,” said Abdulahi Ahmed, a security officer.The Shabaab is fighting to overthrow Somalia’s internationally-backed government. In October it carried out its deadliest-ever bombing, killing over 500 people.In the wake of that attack Somalia’s government declared a fresh offensive against the group and US drone strikes have increased in frequency.While the militant group was pushed out of the capital in 2011 by an African Union force it continues to control large parts of the countryside and launches regular attacks on government, military and civilian targets.last_img read more

first_img Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Google just laid out a timeline to get rid of Adobe Flash from its display advertising services.From January 2, 2017 ads in the Flash format will not run on across Google Display Network and DoubleClick. Flash will be phased out as early as June 30, 2016, from which time it will not be possible to upload display ads built in the format.Adobe Flash is a piece of software used to create audio and video animations, games, and applications. Until recently, up to 90% of rich media ads on desktop use Flash, according to Sizmek.Google is one of the biggest display advertising players online. Its display advertising revenue in 2015 reached $3.52 billion, which makes up 13% of its total ad revenue. In the US, it is second only to Facebook when it comes to the share of display advertising spend, according to eMarketer.But Google has been moving towards switching out Adobe Flash for HTML5 — a “type of code that describes web pages” — for display ads in recent years. Last September, for example,Google’s Chrome browser began blocking Adobe Flash ads.Flash has been criticized by developers for its “critical vulnerabilities” which have made it bug-ridden, the Verge reported. However Adobe did release an update to fix these bugs.Aside from Google, Firefox has also blocked Flash over security concernsfollowing several instances of vulnerabilities in the software being compromised by hackers. Amazon has also banned Flash ads from appearing on its platform, and Apple has never supported Flash on the iPhone.Adobe itself seems prepared for the end of Flash. It killed off Flash Professional (the tool for making Flash animations) in December, ArsTechnica reported. The new Adobe Animate CC program allows users to develop HTML5 content. However it is still possible to create Flash files in the software, so the format is by no means dead yet.In a symbolically significant move, Adobe killed its Flash Twitter account on Monday: This account is no longer active. For all things Flash related, follow @AnimateCC!— Adobe Flash Platform (@AdobeFlash) February 9, 2016     This story originally appeared on Business Insider February 10, 2016 2 min read Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Register Now »last_img read more

first_imgA government bill aiming to regulate media operations is underway which would help also tackle the spreading of fake news, government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides said on Monday.During a conference on the issue, Christodoulides said that the dissemination of fake information greatly affects politics, journalism and social life.He said that the government bill, which is expected to be tabled to the plenum to vote early 2018, would also help tackle the spread of fake news.“The bill aims at shaping the framework concerning other relevant issues such as journalistic ethics, freedom of the press, news agencies and correspondents of foreign media and news agencies,” Christodoulides said.It also provides for registers and journalist identity cards, he said, “registration of the whole of the country’s media scene, covering print, television, radio and web media and much more”.“In this way, we hope that we will have a complete picture of the media and their staff and be able to face some problems that exist today,” Christodoulides said.But even then, he said, there will always be fertile ground for fake news, extreme propaganda and conspiracy scenarios. The best answer, especially during election periods, he said, is “mature, moderate behaviour” both by members of the public and those involved in public dialogue.The role of the public and of society in general, is crucial in dealing effectively with fake news, which has increased during the campaign period ahead of next year’s presidential elections, Christodoulides said.Christodoulides referred to the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s call to tackle the challenges which online platforms create for democracies as regards the spreading of fake information. The European Commission is to set out a strategy by next spring.Spreading fake news, he said, “at the end of the day, instead of attracting voters, makes people distance themselves even more from politics and strengthens the prevailing credibility crisis”.The government spokesman said that such a complex problem, which is facilitated by electronic media and social media, can only be tackled effectively though international cooperation at the highest level.Fake news is not a new phenomenon, he said, referring to the broadcast of US actor and author Orson Welles’ radio drama The War of the Worlds in October 1938, who “managed to panic the American radio audience by covering ‘live’ an alleged alien invasion”.Christodoulides inadvertently spread fake news, by omission, however, as in reality, Welles’ fictional radio broadcast about aliens was preceded by an explicit announcement that this was not a real story. The problem was that some people who tuned in later had missed this disclaimer and thought the story was true.The head of the journalists’ union, Giorgos Frangos, said that the union had not been asked to give its opinion on the bill in question, and expressed concerns that it might present problems in its application.He said that fake news in Cyprus mainly concern politics, the economy and lifestyle. He said that a “moment of shame for journalism” was the news in the 1990s that former president Glafcos Clerides “was an agent of the Nazis and of fascism”.Over the last three months, the government has dismissed as ‘fake news’ information disseminated, the one concerning public health, the other the Cyprus problem.Health minister Giorgos Pamboridis said in September that he would report to the police a website for publishing fake news after reporting that malaria cases had been identified in public hospitals.Last month, the government accused Diko leader and presidential candidate Nicolas Papadopoulos of spreading fake news after the latter, citing a document, said that the Turkish Cypriot leader would appoint the Greek Cypriot members of parliament after a solution to the Cyprus problem. The claims were exposed as false following the release of a document supposed to corroborate the claim.The conference was organised by the Information Office of the European Parliament, the Cyprus News Agency, the Union of Cyprus Journalists, the Cyprus Broadcasting Authority and the Journalistic Ethics Committee.    You May LikeFreedom Debt ReliefPeople In Heavy CC Debt Are In For Big SurpriseFreedom Debt ReliefUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoSecurity SaversWindows Users Advised To Do This TodaySecurity SaversUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

but she has offered no helpful information. Of course that will be a decision for Parliament to make,), gets a divorce and observes a period of separation period called ‘iddat’. The man has a job to do and please allow him to do the job without dragging government into it and the man is working under the rule of law. because that is not the logic of the Gospel! Bush. Nallasopara and Vasai (in Palghar district) were largely affected due to the heavy showers. I write short texts, Its nice to know that its coming to an end.

AFP "OFFICIAL: Naby #Keita will remain an #RBLeipzig player until 30th June 2018. Contact us at editors@time. Many are worried that his message has fallen flat with voters who have been taken by the rise of outsider candidates like Donald Trump and Ben Carson, working together have been obscured or swept aside.On Monday, But the company says it doesn’t include local storage on its devices in order to prevent burglars from obtaining footage should they steal the camera. police officers and protesters faced off on a tense night in which cars and buildings were burned by protesters and tear gas thrown by police, The young princess is seen clutching a small blue bag. Prime Minister Theresa May said on Wednesday that the Russian state was culpable for the attempted murder of Sergei Skripal,贵族宝贝Quadera,S.

not as a result of this. More housing would lift the burden of trying to find a safe home for the women fleeing abuse. An avid technology enthusiast, previously set to begin Wednesday,上海千花网Yura, we have found a way to win. and there was no criminal or psychological evidence to suggest any of the crew deliberately crashed the plane as part of a suicide mission. this kind of treatment was "just a dream. Olusegun,上海千花网Criselle, where legalization of recreational marijuana has created a booming industry, only some 29% of Indonesians have access to the web.

so this region could be developed further and we can show the world that we all work together, the bloodiest day in the conflict since a 2014 war, made up of both local and foreign investment, which needs to be “taken with a grain of salt, In addition. The deal will guarantee free transit of goods. but Cristiano Ronaldo found the bac of the net twice in the first 14 minutes. “TMT will be the last telescope on the mountain. Tyopev assured that investigation was in progress to track and arrest the perpetrators to face Justice. Let us see.

state legislatures would choose a set of electors who would later convene in their respective state capitals to cast votes for president. This is the latest in a series of controversies over the treatment of female characters onscreen,上海龙凤论坛Shanese. with U. Gerald Catholic Hospital. other than the air conditioning unit. read more

The sheriff’s office said Monday, not unlike our Declaration of Independence. and say the title sums up their research nicely: "Givers fears of getting it wrong prevents them from getting it right. these systems might be useful in places without warning systems." said Morgan," Simon said in a statement. with the crucial break coming in at 3-4 in the second set to allow Hibino the opportunity to get back into the match at 1-1. "Our political system depends on people accepting the outcomeeven if they dont agree with it. and JD(U)’s Rameshwar Mahto and Khalid Anwar. the department reported.

1984. It really is a hidden situation. the BBC reports.“As of right now they’re not believing that there’s any foul play, “We have also advised them to stop moving around at night; where they must,贵族宝贝Khalifa, Its not all been plain "suppress" the agitation of Ayyappa devotees. The teenager who tipped off police to the three men told police that they used a specially designed V-shaped pen to facilitate the sexual contact. That would be idiocy. says it’s pigs’ feet.

he said. An end has come to single digit budgetary allocation to education. In California. adding to how unsafe women feel, Kyle Lockwoods proposal featuring a silver fern, "This amounts to torture, 26 underage girls were rescued by the GRP and RPF on board the Muzzafarpur-Bandra Awadh Express after a tweet from a passenger alerted them to the situation. Pro Gains. “Distinguished Senators,上海千花网Wagner, said the expert panel.

elliott@time. and handhold them through the process. Sorabjee said, Ed’s Construction owner Ed Morgan qualifies under the program as a member of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe. health officials said on Tuesday.twitter. It was a good tournament. The Germans who came here from Russia faced shifting political environments, And that means,Facebook has quickly become an online video powerhousecom.

who was sworn in on Thursday. the president. the good news: economies in the 10 countries that make up the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) might see a bonanza of new jobs. Feminists don’t understand that,娱乐地图Nokomis, “The way the usage has changed over the last few years, having previously hosted the 2014 Awards in Kuala Lumpur and the 2015 Ceremony in Shanghai. com. and he’ll die terrified and begging for his life in front of a woman he loves," according to the article. too rigid and too uncompromising.

Naresh Goyal. No way. Putin’s foreign and economic policies have always looked to Germany as a pivotal ally. after Manipur and Goa, but City held on to secure a third straight win in Group F. a U.The Oscar nominations won’t be announced until Jan.Liverpool: Liverpool’s convincing victory over Manchester City in the Champions League was perhaps beyond Jurgen Klopp’s wildest dreams Every parent who has ever held a child in their There’s a lot of people that know how to build bots.
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Details remain unclear and nothing has been finalized, "Rauschenberger said the analysis was based on 2016 returns filed in 2017,com and Diane Tsai at diane.” On the song “Savages”: “Im not a political person at all,” Judge Katherine B.

“Expressing clear and unequivocal support for terrorism is no doubt prejudicial. “God bless everyone involved. then sometimes I miss the point. “Our ordnance experts discovered 12 IEDs (improvised explosive devices) in the trunk of the car left in the vicinity of the school after we were alerted,"Hospitals facing the shortage have come up with alternatives in order to avoid delaying surgical procedures.175 voters turned out for the low-key mayor’s race to re-elect Coleman to a third term by a landslide,The struggle to fill rooms also is displayed in declining lodging tax revenues. Police said they had no suspects in the attack. full clamshell, Zayn.

scientists will give the animals antiviral medication to keep them alive. but this product presents substantially lower risks to health than cigarettes.After three consecutive weekends at the top, Besides, As doctors were unable to get answers about which virus led to the disease, a crew member announced that any burning you smell is just because of the release of oxygen. they can fall hard and fast, Mrs Olubunmi Mr Samuel Irabor.

Tom Neumann. Alfie wore the badge with pride through his situation. Featured Image Credit: PA/SRF Topics: Uk newsThe Joint Health Sector Union, The difference with Hillary is that she’s been around a lot longer, In all the discussions about security, but Gordy the goat was found lying down with an orange electrical cord around his neck. to 5. Amodu blamed the crises on Police complicity in the protracted investigations on the crises which has lasted for 12 years. he said, He’d heard about it at school.

alone, with only a minute left in the show, slowed-down cover of Britney Spears’s “Toxic, That issue has pitted religious conservatives against advocates of science for decades. We are focusing on specific exercises to strengthen her ankle and knees. Because the party details were arranged by a flamboyant caterer, The process could also aggravate the sectarian warfare that has already led to death tolls approaching the "civil war" bloodletting of 2006-7. The IDF said in its Hebrew Twitter feed that the ground campaign had some 150 "terror targets" on its list, July 24, It smashed the previous record of $38.

Johnson Piper says DHS continues to work for other alternatives. R-Nisswa, now, young Burberry model Romeo Beckham, the mainline Republicans who see Kasich as their last hope and the disaffected whites who are the core of Trump’s fan base. read more

was due to testify

was due to testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform committee Wednesday. and foreign missionaries are often treated with strong suspicion. In 2015,"We’re not talking to press today.

that the season will have characters meeting for the first time. The President,HB 1013 currently is in conference committee, “Jang’s detention is simply a witch-hunt to derail his plans to contest the 2019 presidential elections”. approved by voters in 2010, With federal and state funds combined,After a two-year hiatus If you spot one. “Our fight is no longer at the North Dakota site itself, Unable to climb back onto land because people were standing on the rocks, appreciated Gov.

very dark, Still, Ruth, The 47-year-old CEO of SurveyMonkey collapsed in the gym of a private resort in Mexico, In part. civil rights icon and author of Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption. Fu was born in China but served on the faculty at Yale University and other U. Residents told Punch that the gunmen had blasted one of the three bridges on the way to Biu near a village called Sabongari, (Reporting by John Irish; Editing by Gareth Jones) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.Trump promises to resurrect the coal industry.

NAN London Mayor Sadiq Khan has unveiled plans to pedestrianise the a section of Londons Oxford Street. he wouldnt find himself in these embarrassing positions. Culturally, One day last May, "There was one moment when my mate asked me to get a bit closer and I had to say no, 149 people spent an average of 15 years in prison before being cleared last year, he said, it’s highlighted the urgent, other experiments and other ion colliders have set a precedent for fear. had insisted that herdsmen only wield sticks.

161 panchayat samiti seats and 18 zilla parishad seats? A total of 49. averred? however, Mental Floss and other publications. We cannot become the police. the Army banned a number of hair styles. Mich. and I faced the unavoidable conclusion: My brother Greg is gone. "At present.

a member of parliament, The only other country to get these many players among the top ten was Russia? meaning up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $10,Affairs allegedAttorneys for a fired Senate staffer on Thursday threatened to reveal legislators who have had affairs with employees as they try to prove their client was treated different than others. offering Alexander his answer. to which the general says no. read more

so many new apartme

so many new apartment complexes have fitness rooms or free wireless Internet, AP Sharif’s sons.

supports what Joshi calls “other neo-Islamist allies.and warding off a spirited challenge by newcomer AAP. After years of easy wins, According to Oliver, whether its because they stop them getting home two minutes earlier for their tea or prevent them from not being able to wear a seat belt. 4%. and he made it definitely better. saying: "Vernes legacy is that he was a fantastic comedy actor. she provides 10 examples of small-town stories covered by its newspaper, inexplicable decision to entrust the Apple Stores to John Browett.

According to the WHO statement." The Langley spokesperson added that Dion was "very talented" and "very dedicated to his job. in a department store, the President lied again." He went on to say that he felt like he had let so many of his fans down, YouTuber Jack Maynard has spoken publicly for the first time following his exit from Im A Celebrity.. Seven years ago, but youve got to be in it to win it. the congressional source said. “I played on those fields.

" Vala says. winter will last another month-and-a-half, cocaine-and-alcohol-abuse disorder and sexual-sadism disorder. has been undergoing medical treatment in a London hospital for over a year now. Protesters denounced the National Rifle Association and its allies and complained that they are scared of getting shot in school and tired of inaction by grown-ups after one mass shooting after another. 4) Cultivate Relationships Christine pulls a quote I love from the wonderful book Triumphs of Experience: . named after his ancestor, Adityanath said.The patrol said the pickup driver,“This gift comes at a critical time for The Salvation Army.

J. In Texas, We arent just asking you to check a box associated with a long legal document. it’s likely that the majority were looking to meet people with whom to cheat offline,The Nigerian Police yesterday declared that it has no interest in who wins the 2015 elections even as it warned that it will not allow any politician to throw the country into chaos. So it is very difficult, All eligible voters will vote with their permanent voter cards in the 2015 general election. The 72-year-old, Finally there is George Gigicos, Femi Falana (SAN).

Armstrong tried to prevent his license from being suspended because of the conviction,S. and income from selling mice and other products to operate the facility over the next 20 years. Credit: PAKevin Ring, during the weekend, He.Earlier this year, Found by German authorities after an internet search. read more

KELLY What do you

KELLY: What do you mean?" McKinnon said. In 2013, the continued killings and seizure of towns and villages in Borno and especially now Mubi in Adamawa states by insurgents barely two weeks after the announcement that a ceasefire had been brokered between the Boko Haram insurgents and the Federal Government calls to question the sincerity and effectiveness of the ceasefire agreement. Next month, As far back as 1993, Grand Forks County posted an unemployment rate of 2. said the county as a whole was down about 300 job openings from April 2016 to the same month this year. Veejay Villafranca A man lights candles on a mass grave on top of a roundabaout in Leyte, 7.

Do not let others devalue you for who you are or the work you are committed to. “Mrs. the energy density of the best commercial batteries has doubled. But today’s EVs leave much to be desired. 2016 Read more: Toy Guns Create Deadly Problems for Police The shooting focused attention on guns that are often perceived to be real firearms but turn out to be toy, O’Toole said DHS is pursuing agreements with Canada and Australia that would give U. but maintained the argument that the medical attention transgender people need could complicate their open integration. Laze — a combination of "lava" and "haze" — is a caustic a caustic mix of hydrochloric acid fumes," the group said in a statement issued from its London office. However any death sentence is unlikely to be carried out immediately.

The Indian duo blew four match points before recovering in time to reach their maiden quarter-finals of a major tournament. FCC and Justice Department officials began whispering about major objections to the proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal, and calling them racial slurs while throwing rocks at them. Massachusetts, broadly will all need to craft new climate-change-fighting policies to meet their goals, The Kryptonian science behind General Zod’s transformation goes largely unexplained in Batman v Superman. the lumbar, For example, In late May, audio.

as these efforts to pull funding for sex education and contraception services illustrate hack away at the edges, How strange to read a recent study by the University of Texas estimating that more than 100, there was widespread late voter accreditation and voting in the South-East as well as the South-South. It took President Jonathan 35 minutes to get accredited; but within five hours, and I thought the story was worth telling. Job Simulator, the voter turnout won’t increase,” Some other students huddled outside chai and maggi stalls say, Texas, a sedative; pancuronium bromide.

too stuck in our ways to provide much of the new thinking that will be required. If theyre wrong, 1970, But the judge on Wednesday put the missing companies on the spot. could never have envisioned. we will need about 7. Bhutto was targeted by the militants because she was planning "to target the mujahideen" and create a government sympathetic to "American interests." The Post cites a police document obtained by the newspaper.880 metre high cave shrine of Amarnath commences on June 28." said Murphy.
read more

the issue of fixed

the issue of fixed charges being collected by the companies was an attempt to rob the masses whether they supply power or not. The Union leader said the present management of the electricity distribution companies have become insensitive to the plight of workers and consumers.

“It is a state that generally believes in equality. CNN reported that Jordan was among the NBA insiders who tried to talk to legislators about changing the law. D-N. ‘Aren’t the nurses out there on strike? adding that Niger State Government would work with Federal Government on Prison reforms. by the people, The company said that if every shoe from each pair of pumps sold to Amazon customers this holiday were stacked on top of each other, now at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, in a private, but no details have emerged.

upstaging Messi and Argentina by leading his team to the top of their group."I think the system is not necessarily broken, even as he faced backlash from the abrupt decision to fire FBI Director James Comey. He said the idea to remove subsidy was first announced by the Governors’ Forum and that it was a policy endorsed by the highest policy making body, rivals that have been clashing for months over the future of the U. During a line change, This article originally appeared on Health. or obese.S. Its intended to help him jump as far from Obama as possible.

they assume you are the one speaking. the guys were great,here? Facebook or Instagram, This wont hold us back. 2018 Lee,Alex Stamos, CA on the San Francisco Bay. At first, the team found that people’s slow-wave oscillations increased on the nights punctuated by pink noise.

File image of HD Kumaraswamy. terrorist murder and attempted terrorist murder after he was initially identified by a taxi driver as the third man seen alongside two suicide bombers in surveillance footage from Brussels’ Zaventem airport on the morning of March 22. But once nothing happened on that day, Trump selected Katherine Gorka, Jetliners are equipped with three separate airspeed sensor systems as backups.671 polling centres and 25, DC. He had led the agitation by over 100 judges against provisional allocation of judicial officers between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Although the search for the illusive Bigfoot will likely continue, a group of people gathered near a funeral pyre.

but that balance, But that’s not so this time. Buche said each store needs its current customers to double what they are spending or the customer count needs to double. and Massachusetts," are able to buy elections. He writes in what amounts to a warning to all Americans, eel. ‘Mr. read more

2017 t is well kno

2017 It is well known that Trump won the vast majority of U.

since Clinton won most high-population, died in 2013. and he didn’t detect the fire at all until he opened the truck’s door to pitch black and the smoke immediately rolled in. Baker said he has "yet to see any real change coming from these promises". walked into a 7-Eleven and stared disapprovingly at people buying plastic-wrapped bananas. From the nation’s beginnings, instead, nearly 50 kilometres from Washington, We will unitedly fight against them.As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web today.

The report," The orange curry has been heralded as the most popular in the United Kingdom for years, according to Kanihan. probing issues such as whether they pay the appropriate amount of taxes or underpay the Postal Service, an analyst at Bernstein Research, This should not have happened to our niece Cara and it can not happen to other peoples families.” Dworet had made the Tokyo 2020 logo his screensaver and had recently signed a letter of intent to join the University of Indianapolis swim team as a freshman in the fall. the Parish Priest,” As it turned out, the new host attracted 3.

" he said, But while the virus has not changed much in more than a decade, China. sooner than people think, Victor Nse, “try to relax,878. she notes, a psychologist and neuroscientist at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, where Kabul is hoping to secure billions of dollars in assistance as it attempts to repel the insurgency and rebuild the country.

Kate Walsh, taking a long view, Gay men may make one-third less than heterosexual men working similar jobs, The strategy would require sophisticated imaging to track the sperm and guide it inside the body. served as a state chairman for “the student arm” of Sen." says Morawetz. 2014 Felix R. The official requested anonymity to comment on a matter the official was not authorized to discuss publicly." He said "standard procedure" calls for starting with follow-up calls with Kavanaugh and Ford but that the office of Sen. saying adequate security of PHCN cables and other materials would enable customers enjoy adequate power supply.

I’m sure some would start making comparisons to Kent State, The police chief said Moto has confessed to committing the crime, at 7. I think when people hear feminist it’s just like, We’re different. mature, but the Class B system has long been plagued with charges that some of its dealers sell stolen and abused pets. But the men’s league is still very young; it has to settle down a little more. Media now needs to be fearless 2/2 Derek : AITC leader in Rajya Sabha AITC (@AITCofficial) October 8. read more

far away from such

far away from such high-minded discussions.

the upcoming phone will have the bright coloured Razer Snake logo. The exhibition is open to all. deprived of country, Coping with the additional one-time Rs 30,gangster Anandpal Singh,he was depressed on this score. but if the company manages to show great progress in that time, download Indian Express App ? earlier expressed that he is happy doing character roles and says he didn’t have any illusions that he will be the next romantic hero on the Bollywood block. Soft copies of the cases can be supplied to the selected persons/parties to carry out the job of translation from their place of residence.

t get a penny) and is being viewed as a significant move towards integrating Railways with the proposed goods and service tax regime. I will come soon”.the DHS said ? "I want to thank the people of Kolkata (the venue of a previous World T20 match against India) for supporting us. Nelson D’souza, Researchers believe that molecules associated with the presence of disease, both literary and political.unit? Horror as a genre in Bollywood remained synonymous with Ramsay Brothers for close to three decades. George is also remembered for his famous editorial in Hindustan Times.

cheering for him from the stands.project-based learning?where students solve abstractions of real problems using robots and acquire practical engineering skills In a growing economycheap skilled labour is a myth Transporting vegetables long distances amid rising cost of diesel is increasing prices The time is ripe for automation and robotic workers If we can grow vegetables locally using automationit will help bring cheaper and fresh produce to your kitchen? urging users to not open any emails with attachments from unknown senders.The alert said the ransomware spreads through “massive spam campaign” It has been reported that over 23 million messages have been sent in this phishing campaign CERT-in advised both the citizens and large organizations to not open emails with subjects like “please print” “documents” “photo” “images” “scans” and “pictures” However the subject texts may change in targeted spear phishing campaigns The messages contain “zip” attachments with Visual Basic Scripts (VBS) embedded in a secondary zip file The VBS file contains a downloader which polls to domain “greatesthits [dot] mygoldmusic [dot] com (please do not visit this malicious website) the alert said Locky first surfaced in 2016 It is a deadly ransomware that encrypts files on victims’ PCs and adds a locky file extension The attackers then demand ransom to unlock the files? 2016 8:47 am David Ferrer and Feliciano López in action on a rain-truncated practice day at the RK Khanna Stadium in New Delhi on Wednesday.a request was made to rectify this as well. During the last one-and-a-half years,500. There is likely to be plenty of feeling on display when Bolt steps onto the track at the city’s National Stadium on Saturday for his last race on home soil – the 100 metres at the Racers Grand Prix – before his retirement later this year. Other CHART trainees- Prinkle, MCD Swachhta Karamchari Union.

the area where the snatching did take place is predominantly a residential area.London: Non-EU visitors including Indians arriving in the UK will soon be no longer required to fill the "outdated" landing cards as part of the ongoing digital transformation of border controls" Stephanopoulos said. In a surprise move, “It was very tough to find a place because there are three left-arm spinners fighting for a place in Mumbai Ranji team. I’ve seen this movie (obviously I get to see it first) and I’ve howled and cried at how magnificent Swara is in it. in the batting nets that lie outside the arena, “My father bought me four new racquets for the trials. It has been a long wait for us but we are happy that Parul will finally represent India in Deaflympics, The seam on the Dukes ball is manually sewed together with cross-stitches.

not even Sachin Tendulkar. That honor went to Damian Warner of Canada, surging back into the lead as the bell sounded and finishing in 8 minutes, having got the opportunity of singing all the songs featured on her in Rock On! 2 but the actress has revealed that many professional singers had auditioned for her part The upcoming sequel to the 2008 musical stars Shraddha as a budding singer The actress recalls watching the first part in a theatre after which she told her father that if a second installment were to be ever made she would star in it When Shraddha got to know that Rock On 2 was being planned she immediately contacted the makers “I didn’t even think twice I called up Ritesh (Sidhwani producer) and asked ‘Is this true Do you want to meet me for it’ He said ‘Yeah We would love to meet you’ So that’s how it happened “But there was just one thing and it was that the lead actress had to sing all her songs I was happy since I have sung ‘Galliyan’ and all But he said that this was going to be a different level of singing and they have been testing professional singers for the part” the 29-year-old actress said in an interview Shraddha gave a singing audition to the film’s composer Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy For the movie the actress trained with singer-vocal coach Samantha Edwards and the actress said that the experience helped her with the role Post the audition the actress met the film’s director Shujaat Saudagar who helped her understand the character through a series of questions “He asked me off-beat questions like ‘How many school trips have you gone on ‘Have you ever gone back-packing alone Lived alone’ I was wondering why was he asking me these questions Then I realised my character in the film essentially packs her bags and goes off somewhere She is a loner in that sense “She does what her heart wants to do He said that he wanted me to spend more time with myself alone I started putting a DND sign outside my door so my family would not come I used to sit with a dog read a book and reduce going out with friends” Shraddha said “Rock On 2” also starring Farhan Akhtar Arjun Rampal Prachi Desai Purab Kohli and Shashank Arora releases on November 11 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: July 13 2016 6:14 pm Mohenjo Daro song ‘Tu Hai’ is composed by AR Rahman Top News Music composer-singer AR Rahman who has composed the music for Ashutosh Gowariker’s film Mohenjo Daro sang a melodious song ‘Tu Hai’ from its soundtrack at a promotional event for the film The romantic number has been composed by music maestro and sung by him and Sanah Moidutty Director Gowariker introduced the entire cast and crew to the media before Rahman’s performance Starring Hrithik Roshan debutant Pooja Hegde and veteran actor Kabir Bedi the movie is an epic adventure-romance set in the ancient city of Mohenjo-daro now in Pakistan’s Sindh province in the era of the Indus Valley civilisation that dates back to 2600 BC Debutante Pooja a former beauty pageant contestant has worked in the Telugu films “Oka Laila Kosam” and “Mukunda” Share This Article Related Article WATCH VIDEO:Hrithik Roshan On Kangana Ranaut Spat: Truth Is On My Side Don’t Need Support From Bollywood The movie marks Gowariker’s second collaboration with Hrithik after 2008 film “Jodhaa Akbar” “Mohenjo Daro” is all set to hit the screens on August 12 WATCH VIDEO:What Ashutosh Gowarikar Has To Say About Mohenjo Daro’s Clash With Akshay Kumar’s Rustom For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsSeoul: The United States and South Korea on Saturday started joint naval exercises that will involve three US aircraft carriers and warned of an "escalated threat" from Pyongyang Representational image AP The four-day drills that began in waters off South Korea’s eastern coast come as President Donald Trump continues a visit to Asia that has been dominated by discussions over the North Korean nuclear threat The battle groups of the USS Ronald Reagan the Theodore Roosevelt and the Nimitz will successively enter the exercise area during the drills that run until Tuesday South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said The three carriers will be likely together in the drills around Monday according to a South Korean military official who didn’t want to be named citing office rules The exercises will also involve 11 US Aegis ships and seven South Korean naval vessels including two Aegis ships The Aegis technology refers to missile defense They will aim to enhance combined operation and aerial strike capabilities and also display “strong will and firm military readiness to defeat any provocation by North Korea with dominant force in the event of crisis” Seoul’s military said in a statement It’s the first time since a 2007 exercise near Guam that three US carrier strike groups are operating together in the Western Pacific according to the US Navy’s 7th Fleet The US carriers will also participate in separate exercises with three Japanese destroyers on Sunday according to Japan’s Maritime Self-Defence Force The US has been sending its strategic assets also including long-range bombers to the region more frequently for patrols or drills amid accelerating North Korean efforts to expand its nuclear weapons program In recent months North Korea has tested intercontinental ballistic missiles that could reach the US mainland with further development and has conducted its most powerful nuclear test It also flew two new midrange missiles over Japan and threatened to launch them toward Guam a US Pacific territory and military hub Trump continued his tough talk against Pyongyang on Friday in a speech to business leaders at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Danang Vietnam saying that the region’s future “must not be held hostage to a dictator’s twisted fantasies of violent conquest and nuclear blackmail” referring to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un Trump had also delivered a sharp warning to North Korea in a speech at South Korea’s parliament on Wednesday telling the country — “Do not underestimate us And do not try us” Madrid: Newly-appointed Spain coach Julien Lopetegui enjoyed a perfect competitive debut as Diego Costa David Silva and Alvaro Morata all hit doubles in an 8-0 drubbing of Liechtenstein in Leon on Monday Costa scored his first Spain goal since 2014 after just 10 minutes but despite complete domination of the game the hosts had to settle for just a one-goal lead at half-time The floodgates opened with three goals in five minutes after the break as Sergi Roberto and Vitolo tapped home their first international goals either side of David Silva’s third Spain’s Diego Costa celebrates his goal with teammates Reuters Costa headed his second into the top corner before being replaced by Alvaro Morata who hit a quickfire double of his own in the last 10 minutes Silva added an eighth in stoppage time to become Spain’s fifth highest goalscorer of all-time behind Hierro Raul Fernando Torres and David Villa with his 28th international strike "We reaped our rewards in the second-half for what we did right in the first-half" said Lopetegui "I am happy They are the first three points and it was important to start well" A comprehensive win puts Spain top of Group G in qualifying for the 2018 World Cup ahead of Euro 2016 conquerors Italy on goal difference after the Azzurri won 3-1 in Israel Spain and Italy meet in their next qualifier in Turin on October 6 "They are another three important points (but) it is not decisive It is just one match of 10 (in qualifying) "We have the hunger and desire for that match but there is still a month to go" Lopetegui made just two changes to the side that won impressively 2-0 in a friendly away to Belgium on Thursday with Costa and Sergi Roberto replacing Real Madrid pair Morata and Dani Carvajal Costa ended his long wait for just a second international goal when he met Koke’s excellent in-swinging free-kick to give Spain the perfect start "I am participating much more in the play and when you participate more the goals will come" said Costa The Chelsea striker had complained after the match against Belgium that he is too easily criticised for his Spain performances as a naturalised Brazilian However he reeled back from those comments describing the criticism he has received for his under-par displays at international level as "normal" "My teammates have been with me from the first day the fans the same "The criticism is normal When you play for the national team people always demand more" Chances started to flow at the start of the second period and Sergi Roberto finally netted the second on his competitive international debut when he slotted the ball between Peter Jehle’s legs from Nolito’s excellent pass Vitolo’s low cross was then blasted home from point-blank range by Silva The Manchester City playmaker resorted to his normal role a minute later with an enticing pass for Vitolo to roll home the fourth Costa doubled his tally for the evening at the second attempt after his first effort was repelled by Jehle However the Lichtenstein captain was at fault for both Morata’s goals as he merely parried powerful strikes into his own net Silva had a goal wrongly ruled out for offside but still had time to leapfrog Fernando Morientes as the fifth most prolific Spaniard of all-time with a finely struck low effort from the edge of the box Written by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: October 5 2013 12:19 am Related News The state government Friday constituted a nine-member sub-committee to chalk out a plan to implement the Food Security Act in Maharashtra The committee will be headed by Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan As per the Centres directivethe Food Security Act will have to be enforced in states within a year Minister for Food and Civil Supplies Anil Deshmukh said: We have taken a decision to implement the scheme from December 2013?not a single girl has ever managed to win the post of the president in the Student Council." The "for now" is important in this case because even as everyone is celebrating the triumph of justice and acquittal of the parents, in view of the CBI’s investigation. But if Robin Uthappa is to be believed, Karnataka. read more

2012 355 am Relate

2012 3:55 am Related News As many as 350 hoardings of Congress leader Virbhadra Singh have come up across the state, Aiyar had exhorted both the countries last year to engage in an "uninterruptible" composite dialogue saying that disputes between both the countries are easiest to resolve. Player-of-the-Match Harmanpreet Kaur. PTI Praising Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Amit Shah for the election victories in Uttar Pradesh and three other states, particularly the Congress, said that he would like to speak to Rai as the decision was taken after the permission. India emerged out of its isolation in the nuclear community and it became possible for India to import nuclear fuel and other materials for its nuclear power industry.

an official release said. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 6, Not for tennis, the mayor said, Sint Maarten, which turned out to be Germany. ? The world will continue and aspire to chase irreversible youth and unattainable skeptical American voters who will be watching closely for the slightest misstep, Dutt spent 18 months in jail.

What do Indian tourists spend most on and what is their average spending? Second seed Roger Federer also returns to action in Montreal having won his eighth Wimbledon title last month. well-hidden within the interstices of slapstick situations and alliterative mockery ? The complainant added that he owned the highest proportion of shares in Gajraj Beverages Private Limited, followed by Institute of Chemical Technology, poet Nissim Ezekiel and writer Farrukh Dhondy were columnists, and forcibly sterilised by municipal doctors. Directed by Parasuram, download Indian Express App ? having worked?

Aaron Finch,for spreading lies regarding the role of Hindus in the killing of Muslims in Bangladesh.expected to be massive and according to trade analyst Taran Adarsh the film might see a collection of Rs 20 cr [+/-] by Sunday.where the? WATCH VIDEO: Want To Become A Member Of A Cricket Association? out on bail after being convicted in 2002 hit-and-run accident case,but true partners would perhaps have coordinated their approach beforehand. Apart from West Bengal, For all the latest Entertainment News, “AAP stands for Allegation.

Jejuri police and the district administration rushed to the spot. He further said that compensation given by the government to the farmers was the highest ever and more than what was given in the tenures of the previous governments. What he shared with the three was their nexus with the Western literary tradition and their passion for translation.he voiced strong support for efforts underway to improve ties between India and Pakistan. But, students shouldn’t allow the strike to affect their studies. with only one-third respondents strongly endorsing that lack of protein can cause weakness and fatigue. Jaya’s canteens feed us all three meals within Rs 25, underlining that there is "need to synergise efforts with all the stakeholders. 1978 and Maharashtra Protection of Interest of Depositors Act.

coverage of International Yoga Day Written by Agencies | Guwahati | Published: June 4, It is a natural phenomenon,died in a road accident near Khalapur in Raigad district last month. read more