15 days 16 when, with the northeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau Ming from the depths off Cape Mount cannons twice by Chinese railway tunnel group and Chinese railway sixteen Bureau Group Co in nearly seven years the world’s longest plateau railway tunnel — new angle mountain tunnel on Qinghai Tibet Railway closed double hole […]

To ensure that before the fall semester teachers and students health and diet safety, prevent food poisoning and food borne diseases occur, I in the school canteen, small dining catering service food safety special rectification action in full swing in August 20th.

recently, a reporter from the Qinghai provincial safety production supervision authority learned that the province’s pilot industry production safety liability insurance work since the end of August last year in advance, safety supervision departments at all levels attach great importance to the enterprise and the positive response, the safe production liability insurance premiums to promote […]

In March 7th, the Xining Municipal Women’s Federation held 103 anniversary "to implement the spirit of eighteen sounded meritorious," as the theme of the 38 anniversary of International Women’s day. The meeting commended a batch of advanced collective, women in Xining city in 2012 the emergence of the Xining City People’s Park, Xining bus route […]

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau anti-terrorism police detachment held the opening ceremony on the ten floor Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau anti-terrorism police detachment held the opening ceremony on the ten floor. Provincial, Municipal Committee and other relevant leaders attended the ceremony. Municipal Party committee, deputy director Zhang Haining speech at the opening ceremony. Xining […]

by the Qinghai anti pornography leading group office, the provincial press and Publication Bureau jointly organized the anti pornography, the protection of genuine picture tour exhibition in July 23rd in the central square. Vice governor Gio de Maja visited the exhibition. July 23rd morning, the provincial press and Publication Bureau staff in Xining Plaza has […]

Good morning supermarket this winter, who lives in the south of mountain people Chen Shenghua Boyle have braved the cold in the morning to buy food. "In the past, the winter to the morning market to buy food, not only crowded bus, but also the cold. This year, the price of vegetables Hualian Supermarket market, […]

summer, bamboo fiber products store business began to heat up, a variety of new products frequently launched stores. A lot of business with the new operators in order to win the attention of consumers, not hesitate to spend a lot of energy to do this in the display. So the bamboo fiber products store product […]