today’s college students entrepreneurial team is constantly huge, many people have joined in. Although currently still studying at Zhongshan University, although college students are not optimistic about the venture, but from the traditional field to the mobile Internet, I have three consecutive business. Bold, adventurous, this is a lot of people to my evaluation, this […]

everyone wants to make money, but to make money in real life often seems not so simple, many people want to start, want to be your own boss, want to get rich, so reckless, will make money look very simple, as long as the investment return there. But the results are not very optimistic, because […]

barbecue has been a popular food and beverage market consumption, popular hot, very worthy of investment. So, how to open a barbecue shop? How much is the amount of investment budget? Entrepreneurs who want to open a barbecue shop can be optimistic about the Oh, small weave barbecue shop investment budget and management guidelines! A, […]

is a family that once had a child, spending will be different, people have busy going out to make money, however, once the children to school age, the shuttle has become plagued big problem parents. In short, children to school has become a headache for many people, in such a background, why not do a […]

taste is cooked? The choice of a simple way of doing business, worry about entrepreneurship to choose to join the taste is cooked good? For business with a small capital entrepreneur, undoubtedly, is very market development space choice. if everyone in life has been observed, know at the table in addition to those who just […]

do not have time to cook their own, we generally choose to go out to eat, but also to the food and beverage industry, the rapid development of the fast food industry. Now many consumers love to Chinese restaurant for dinner, some entrepreneurs see Chinese food franchise market development is very good, choose to open […]