in the last article 2014 from the media will fire how to build a successful Taobao customers from the media, and the share of the macro to create many problems, since the media today, and everyone in the specific share, how to use the QQ operation from the media space. QQ space operation from the […]

for the website webmaster, you operate independently of a web site, you need to know your site where the advantages and disadvantages at the same time, you also need to know your website development space where, after facing what kind of opportunity and what kind of risks, the most important thing is that you need […]

in some places, the site communication group encountered a lot of problems, showing more "ask how to operate the website, to seize the user."". Their central website is not long, but it also summarizes some of them, and share with you here. content chapter 1, analysis of user habits how to locate the characters of […]

on the Internet soon fought for so many years, regardless of the company or their own websites are done, according to many years of experience, I found a reason: to attract users to the site up is important, but if the user does not stay is all in vain. see many posts on the network, […]

wrote an article in A5 last year, called "blogging is actually a financial plan" (you can go and see it first). First, the blog here means free blogs, such as Sina, NetEase and so on. When I wrote this article, many people couldn’t understand what I really meant. Many people thought it was unlikely to […]

own SEO to optimize this industry calculate also have more than two years, hand optimized products website of medical industry, exhibition industry, dance industry, is currently in the hands of the optimization of printing industry. How to optimize the printing industry website? What’s the difference between the promotion methods in the printing industry and other […]