now the website data analysis is very important, is the best way to beat the competition, is the so-called enemy can ever victorious, want to beat the competition is about to start working on analysis! But a lot of people can not be a good analysis of yourself, the biggest enemy is himself that is […]

high weight website 2, high weight website links to vote, access to these types of websites vote on these websites for your approval, when the search engine crawlers to crawl and catch high weight website for your vote, you will pay more attention to the nature. site to achieve high weight 1, open directory website, […]

page fine-tuning operation we are divided into two categories, one is periodic controlled change fine-tuning operation, the other is the sudden change of uncontrolled fine-tuning operation. , a fine-tuning of the concept and reason of .In our 2. the sudden change of uncontrolled fine-tuning operation general search needs a keyword is constantly changing, we have […]

The feasibility of the fourth: single ! target setting must be analyzed, what is the analysis? Is simply in order to meet the needs of users, we get the results with the analysis of the characteristics of the site, we can be drawn by analyzing the law of development and needs of the next stage […]

in the eyes of many search engines is just a search tool, like any other technology products like cold. In fact, the search engine is becoming the intelligent assistant that everyone relies. It is in the ability to perceive the environment and self learning, with the passage of time will continue to convert information into […]

he station backlinks are Taobao customers, so many Taobao station, not all of his own, is free to send the most students. Disclose according to some internal old students, provide a lot of Taobao customer forums and template template above him, usually with a training forum, so that you can appear very reasonable explanation in […]

?Keywords: > first at the site of the distribution of it will be said, see a good keyword optimization is not easy, direct look at the keywords ranking, if ranking on the home page, so that the optimization is good, if not, it is optimal not good, many obvious problems. This is the most direct […]